Christensen Arms Ranger 22 Break In

| December 19, 2020 | 5 Comments

Many of you have asked how is the Christensen doing. Knowing I had ejection problems and accuracy issues that eventually ended up with the rifle being returned.

Many have commented get about 500 rounds through it and then come back and tell us how it is going. After every range session I have been putting about 1 to 2 magazines down the barrel. Well today I was shocked at how it shot especially in these conditions.

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5 Comments on "Christensen Arms Ranger 22 Break In"

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  1. James Evans says:

    Mr. Revolver Guy, I purchased the ranger 22 this past week and haven’t even shot it yet. When I took it out of the box and inserted the bolt into the action, I noticed that the bolt handle was very loose where it attaches to the bolt body. Did you have this same issue? Just curious if it was all of these models or just my particular rifle. Please let me know what you see with your rifle. Thank you for your time and keep the videos coming.
    James Evans

  2. I think I know what you are referring to. There is a little movement but very minimal not something I even noticed until someone asked me the other day after watching this video. I hope this helps, it is not something I am worried about thats for sure.

  3. hangfire says:

    My experience is the bolt knob wiggles a bit and is not noticable when shooting and working the action. My Ranger is an awesome shooter and is precise with a larger variety of brands, more tolerant than my better rifles. Ranger fits the price requirements for the ARA Factory class. A rig like the Ranger would be twice the cost if you built one; excellent rifle, outstanding accuracy, reliable, well made and durable. Get one!

  4. Barry Walling says:

    Had to send my Ranger back for repairs, the bolt handle snapped off. The bolt handle is not attached to the bolt as we normally think of, it’s inserted thru a hole in the bolt and held in place by what I believe is the firing mech which runs thru a LARGE cutout in the bolt handle. Actual metal left in place is probably .o8″. When I returned the rifle they claimed to also bring the extractor cutout into spec, smooth the feed ramp, adjust the magazine release and replaced the extractor. The only fix’s I could observe was the bedding they did at the forward pillar, replacement of the bolt handle and the bolt seemed smoother. The magazine still sticks and has to be dug out of the rifle, my Rugers drop free.

    The number one plus was they paid all shipping, and did the work promptly.

  5. Sharkey says:

    After bringing my CA Ranger home I inspected and cleaned it then mounted and bore sighted a Leupold scope. At the range the rifle failed to eject the sixth shot. I cycled the bolt to no avail. I had to remove the bolt and remove the spent case by hand. This was repeated on the 14th shot. At which point I stopped shooting. Contacted CA, they said to send it in and repairs might take 8-14 weeks. Ouch.

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