Exploring the Performance of Christensen Arms Ranger 22 and Norma 22LR

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The Ranger 22 is fundamentally a lightweight hunting rifle, and gorgeous one at that. I had very high hopes from the day I opened the box. Unfortunately the first rifle I received was had very poor failure to eject empty shells. Christensen support quickly got the rifle back and solved the poor ejection issues. No one wants to ever need support but it is great to know something you have purchase has world class support standing behind the product if needed. 

With the ejection issues fixed the accuracy of the rifle was not what I had expected or in alignment with the 3 shot 1/2 MOA at 50 yards guaranteed by Christensen. I reached out once again and provided pictures of targets with about 12 different brands of high quality ammo and immediately Christensen replied they would like to replace my rifle. Though I was still in love with the features of this rifle my confidence was shaken. The Ranger 22 sports 1/2×28 threaded 18in carbon fiber tensioned barrel with a match chamber. Aluminum Receiver Remington 700 footprint with a 2.5pound Trigger Tech trigger and Carbon Fiber Composite Stock, 10/22 Ruger magazines. The length of pull on this rifle is 13.25inches a little on the short side but makes it fast to the shoulder for quick shots at varmints as you walk thru the woods.

Upon receiving the new rifle to my local FFL, I think Christensen was sending me a message. Inside the box they had the target laying on top of the rifle. I got a good laugh out of that. 

Seeing how well it shot with Norma TAC22 inspired me to try every brand of Norma 22LR made today. 

Norma TAC22 Black Box 1100 feet per second

Norma TAC22 Red Box 1083 feet per second

Norma TAC22 Subsonic 1017 feet per second

Norma TAC22 Match 22 1083 feet per second

Norma TAC22 Extreme LR 1165 feet per second


The Christensen Ranger 22 seems to be a very solid and effective working/hunting tool. Though I was shooting from the bench attempting to achieve maximum accuracy. A rifle weighing in at 4 pounds can prove difficult to shoot from a rest as the fore end bounces around. It quickly reminds you why benchrest shooters prefer heavier rifles. But for hunting, back packing or just a woods walk in varmint land it is la creme de la creme. I feel I can sling this across my pack and walk all day with it. The trigger was phenomenal coming in at 2.5 pounds  very crisp with no take up at all. 

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