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The 22 Rimfire has entrenched itself into all aspects of shooting, varmint hunting, small game hunting, training, competition and my favorite — cheap fun plinking. When it is time to purchase rimfire ammunition many turn to CCI Ammunition, they have a wide variety which covers all the aspects of rimfire shooting. Today I will be reviewing top selling CCI rimfire ammunition. provides a very easy to use website with many features, the view of their stock availability as well as the customer rating systems are ones that are most important to me.

I brainstormed with DM a bit about what the right platform was to use in testing this ammunition. He offered up his Smith and Wesson Model 41 as the test platform and I thought perfect choice. A platform which has been very accurate and reliable for DM for many years and one which is known for it’s accuracy and has a very strong cult like following since its creation in 1957. The grip angle of the S&W 41 is an exact match of the 1911 making it a perfect training platform for the 1911 enthusiast. In my opinion the S&W Model 41 is the best value on the rimfire match pistol market today and is well worth your money.

The Conditions of This Test:
Test Performed at Lauhorners Indoor Gun and Archery Range. Those looking for a safe, fun, family oriented indoor range in the Midwest Ohio area should look no further. The facility offers a modern and comfortable environment for individual or competitive sessions. Simulation centers will test your skills and reflexes, as your abilities improve, so will the challenges. Separate archery lanes provide for a perfect practice setting. Lauhorner will also provide extensive lesson options and skills development resources. Starter courses will help beginners get comfortable with arms or archery.

All test conducted from sandbag rest.
7 Yards
15 Yards
25 Yards
Targets Utilized
2inch Shoot N-C at 7 yards and 15 yards
5.5inch Caldwell Orange Peel at 25 yards
NRA A17 50ft Target at 15 yards

First to test was CCI MINI-MAG 22LR Copper Plated HP which is part of CCI’s Varmint lineup.

First 5 shots at 7 Yards produced outstanding accuracy

Next up 15 yards, but this time I decided to load 7 rounds. The CCI MINI-MAG and S&W 41 produced such great accuracy and a tight group at 7 yards I felt more rounds would give a better pictorial of individual hits.

As you can see at 15 yards I was still able to keep 7 rounds within a 2inch target.

5 shots at 25 yards on a 5.5inch target

As many of you know many 22 firearms can be picky about the ammunition it will shoot well but it is obvious the 22LR MINI-Mag HP was a perfect match for the S&W Model 41 and receives an Excellent Rating

Next up for review was the 22LR Sub Sonic HP ammunition which is part CCI’s small game line up.
Special 40 grain lead hollow point nose at 1050 ft/sec
Trajectory matches most target loads to 50 yards
Large HP cavity for reliable expansion at sub-sonic velocity
without fragmentation
Quieter than high-speed 22 LR hollow point loads
Clean-burning propellants keep actions cleaner
Sure-fire CCI priming
Reusable plastic box with dispenser lid

The first 5 shots of the 22LR Sub Sonic ammunition produced a very noticeable lack of recoil and sound compared to the 22LR MINI-MAG HP’s.

5 Shots 15 Yards

As you can see the subsonic though producing tight groups are wider at each distance than the 22LR MINI-MAG HP’s. Because of this I loaded 10 rounds to try at 25 yards hoping to achieve a 6 out of 10 on the bullseye. To also ensure I was being as fair as possible I tool a break to rest my eyes before proceeding.

10 Shots 25 yards

I did better than I had expected at 25 yards with this ammunition. The barrel twist rate of the S&W 41 may not agree with the Sub Sonic ammo and I may try and use a different platform like my S&W 617 at a later date to see if I can tighten these groups. With the intended use being small game hunting like squirrel hunting, I would still say in a rifle at 25 yards a squirrel wouldn’t stand a chance. Due to the size of the groups this ammunition receives a Good Rating

Last up for review was the 22LR CCI Velocitor Ammunition which is again part of the small game line up.
40 grain gilded hollow point nose at 1435 ft/sec
22 percent greater energy at 100 yards than regular
high-speed hollow points
Special HP cavity design, derived from Speer? Gold Dot?
technology, retains virtually 100 percent bullet weight
Clean-burning propellants keep actions cleaner
Sure-fire CCI priming
Reusable plastic box with dispenser lid

This is my very first time ever firing this particular ammunition from CCI. The greater velocity is very noticeable through recoil but the sound as best as I could tell through my ear muff’s was much like the sound of the 22LRMINI-MAG HP’s. Due to me being unfamiliar with this ammunition I changed testing a bit here. The testing was done on a NRA a17 target. The center target consisted of 10 rounds at 7 yards the 4 outer targets were 5 shots each at 15 yards. There has been many internet and even gun shop rumors that the 22LR Velocitors would be replacing the 22LR Stingers. This is not true CCI continues to offer the Stinger brand. The Stinger brand is intended for Varmint use while the Velocitor is for small game use at greater distances. The major difference between the Stinger and Velocitor brand are the bullet weights, the Stinger brand is outfitted with a 32grain bullet while the Velocitor is outfitted with a 40grain bullet.

5 shots at 25 yards

The 22LR Velocitor performed very well with the S&W Model 41 and receives a Great Rating

The results above is a very good reason why CCI is well respected when it comes to rimfire ammunition. A question for the readers, is it a coincidence that CCI’s most popular brand the 22LR MINI-MAG produced the best results and established itself the winner? With all ammunition used during this testing there were no failure to feed or failure to eject. All of the CCI ammunition proved to be very reliable and receives an Excellent Rating in the reliability category.

22LR is a very versatile cartridge covering many aspects of the shooting sport. Be it hunting, training, competition or plinking its low recoil is excellent for introducing our great sport and past time to newer shooters or for the more experienced shooters who want longer practice or training sessions without the fatigue or cost of centerfire.

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  1. Chris says:

    My Beretta NEOS is a bit finicky but it loves CCI Minimag.

  2. Suburban says:

    I shoot a lot of CCI MiniMag 40gr. round nose ammo. My Advantage Arms Glock upper and Max-11/22 are great, but both are picky about ammo. The 40 grains solids work great in both. . . and 10/22s and just about everything else.

    Also worth noting, is that I don’t think I’ve ever had a dud with CCI ammunition. The CCI stuff isn’t as cheap as the bulk ammo from the big box store, but I may have to throw away a dozen rounds out of every 500 rounds of bulk ammo.

  3. H.R. Williams says:

    I purchased two boxes of CCI Velocitors to evaluate its performance in my Walmart exclusive Ruger 10/22 Deluxe Sporter. The rifle is a 2004 model; stainless steel with 22 inch barrel, hardwood checked stock–very nice looking. I had tried other brands and types of 37 to 40 grain, high velocity ammo but the rifle jammed a lot and yielded mediocre accuracy beyond 25 yards. Knowing that .22s are finicky about ammunition, I had pretty much accepted the sub-par accuracy and resigned myself to using the rifle for plinking only. I felt that it was not suitable for small game hunting–until I tried the Velocitors. Well, I am very impressed with the rifle after discovering how well the Velocitors group out to 60 yards. It has turned out to be a real tack driver when fed CCI Velocitors!!! During the trial session at the range, I consistently attained one inch to 1 1/2 inch groups from my sand-bag type bench rest (9 out of ten hits in the target’s upper one inch bulls-eye square). I retained one of the targets I used at the range to share with anyone interested in the ammo’s accuracy potential. There is no doubt in my mind that the Hyper Velocity, 40 grain HP Velocitors are perfect for my Walmart brand, 22 inch barrel 10/22. I will be using the ammo strictly for hunting small game so I?m not concerned about the higher price tag. This is great ammunition. I highly recommend that others who own the longer barrel 10/22s try it.

  4. Rex T. Dog says:

    Our mini-mags are stashed, and our velocitors get carried on rare occasions…we have found the cci brands to be above average in all applications, although be noted every blue moon there is a dud round…now if we could just get the cost to ease a fraction it would all be good…

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