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The Canik TP9SA is the second firearm in the “TP” series from Canik to hit US shores. The original was largely based on the Walther P99 series of firearms but Canik listened to user feedback and redesigned a lot of features on the gun for the current offering. Here’s what I’ve found with it so far…

Reliability is the number one factor for me when it comes to firearms; if everything else about a gun is great but it?s not reliable then it?s not a gun I want to own. The TP9SA has had 300 rounds to date through it and had one “bobble” of sorts. On the last round of the first magazine through the gun it had a stovepipe but hasn’t had the slightest issue since. Rounds used to date have been 115gr Minuteman Munitions, 115gr Wolf, and 124gr Hornady XTPs.


The gun feels very good in the hand. It comes with interchangeable backstraps and has very good texturing on the grip panels as well aggressive texturing on the front and backstraps. Trigger reach is about average for polymer framed duty pistols and most users should find it very comfortable.


This is one of the areas where the gun really shines. The trigger is one of the best of any striker fired gun on the market. It’s easily on par with the VP9, Sig 320, Walther PPQ, and Steyr’s offerings. It has little resistance during take up, a very crisp break right at 4 pounds, and has a tactile and audible reset.


The gun comes with a ton of extras including: a “Serpa-esque” holster, cleaning rod/brush, and 2x 18 round MecGar magazines. It also features a 4.5” cold hammer forged barrel, reversible magazine release, steel 3 dot sights, and a nice even Cerakote finish. It will be offered in several colors down the road but is currently only being imported in black.

The thing that has a lot of folks excited about the gun is the price point. MSRP in the USA is under $400 and the street price will likely be in the low to mid $300s once the initial rush slows down. For that amount of money it really is a very attractive pistol suitable for home defense or duty use.

Here is my video review of the pistol

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I love firearms and everything that goes along with them (holsters, lights, ect...). I'm a graduate of the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Center and a veteran of the US Army and US Air Force and spent years teaching shooting handguns, rifles, and heavy weapons.

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  1. bj says:

    4 lb trigger for home defense?

  2. Mike says:


  3. Ian says:

    I own this gun, along with a few other 9 mm striker fired guns from Walther, Ruger, etc. Ive got an FN and a couple of Nice higher end 1911s as well.

    My Canik is an absolute gem of a shooter. It will run any garbage round you put in it. Feeds everything, spits it out and hits the target. It out performs my buddies VP9, and it’s trigger makes my FNX40 feel like a pos. .

    I’d bet my life on this gun any day and time. Its a Mil Spec, Law Enforcement tested , high quality firearm and performs as such. I will put it against any S&W, H&K, or Walther product for quality, accuracy, shoot ability or reliability.

    Go buy one, of you can find one, yes they’re catching on as a best value option. You will not regret spending 360 bucks for a truly top notch shooter.

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