Can You Eliminate Cold Bore Flyers

| December 31, 2023 | 1 Comments

Cold bore fliers, clean bore fliers, first shot fliers no matter what you call them they have been around the 22 precision rimfire sports for ever. Most of us just accept the fact that it happens and usually fire spotters for the first few shots.

Everyone has what they believe to be the reason behind this frustrating activity. I have heard it and probably tried it all myself. Sorting ammo by weight, buy higher quality ammo, make sure there is no carbon ring, put one drop of oil on the first round you fire so on and on. None of these tricks of the trade having yielded results like I have seen in Josh’s video.

Is he on to something I am very curious to know what the rangefans think?

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1 Comment on "Can You Eliminate Cold Bore Flyers"

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  1. D Dunkle says:

    It sounds similar to Black Powder shooters using a blow tube to soften fouling.

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