BUG Range Report: NAA Guardian .32ACP

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I’ve never really thought of myself as a BUG or “mouse gun” type of guy… but darned if I’ve not somehow aquired quite a few of them in the past couple of years. I carry them occasionally when I don’t feel like carrying a real gun around. I’ve decided to take each of them to the range in the upcomming months, and do a range report on each of them.

Today’s BUG range report subject is a NAA Guardian in .32ACP. I don’t rember where I aquired this pistol. Its been in my safe for a number of years and I’ve only fired it once (right after I bought it) but as I said I don’t rember precisely when that was….

I tried to measure the trigger pull for you guys but it maxed out my gauge (20lbs) and the trigger was only about 1/2 way to the sear break. Heres the kicker thou. It dosen’t really get any worse from there but I will say that this is the heaviest trigger pull on any weapon I own and possibally of any weapon I have ever seen. This trigger has 3 stages, in addition to the easy 1/4 way take up and the 1/2 way stack from hell at 15/16’s it kinda clicks right before the sear breaks. You can at least try and “stage it”….

The sights are Trijcon night sights, they are still plenty bright and offer a fine sight picture without snagging even when trying to present it from my pocket. I have (2) 6rnd mags and (1) extended 10rnd mag. All shooting was done with the std 6rnd mags. Of course all firing was performed double action. A total of 25 rounds were fired on to 1 target at a distance of 10yrds. Fioochi’s 73gr FMJ was used.

A few observations.

There were no fail to fire or fail to feed malfunctions…

There were however 3 “stove pipes” on the very last round. As in it fed and fired the last round and then it failed to eject the spent case completely. Being as you’d be empty anyway I don’t see it as a big problem. It dosen’t have an ejector per say and relys on the blow back and next round in the mag popping up to help get he spent cases out of there. It’s not like your going to be doing a run and gun style reload with this peice and if you can’t get the job done with 6rnds, a reload is the least of your worries. It is worth noting thou.

I already gave my rave review of the trigger pull but let me say… even thou I shot this at 10yrd because of the trigger it seemed like 100yrds. Also after the first round went off I rembered why I have only fired this gun once… The trigger rest it flat BRUTAL during recoil. After 25rnds my trigger finger is hurting something fierce… My S/O fired excally 3 rounds out of it (after I was done) and said NO MAS.

It’s not all bad as you can see by the target. The group measures just under 3 1/2″. Not bad considering. A number of them were controlled pairs… or as close to a controlled pair as I could get.

All in all it’s still a winner IMO. If it had a better trigger it’d be one heck of a little BUG. It’s plenty accurate. It’s reliable as far as pocket sized auto loaders go. It conceales very well and disappears completely in any pants pocket (minus them Urban Cowboy type jeans). A jacket pocket is no big deal althou it is a bit heavy for carry in a very light weight windbreaker. One last thing: You can believe this weapon will NEVER, EVER fire accidently.
Maybe I’ll send it off to NAA’s custom shop and see what they can do to fix the trigger.

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3 Comments on "BUG Range Report: NAA Guardian .32ACP"

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  1. J. Elliott says:

    I sent mine to Teddy Jacobson, ( Action’s by “T” ). He got the DAO trigger pull down to a little over 7 lbs. with no spring changes. Made a lot of difference in the accuracy. By the way, the NAA .32 was designed without an ejector, the mag. spring pushes the spent round out of the way, hence the last rnd. stovepipe. Thanks for the review.

  2. Terry Ivy says:

    I carry my NAA .32 everywhere. I is an excellent conceal. The only issues I have with it are the heavy trigger pull and the brutal trigger slap. I wish there was a fix for the slap. Other than that, it is great!

  3. NotSoTacticool says:

    I about died laughing when I read it maxed out your trigger gauge half way through.
    Great review on a seldom reviewed handgun. I would like to know if it can go to 500 rounds without a malf.

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