Exploring the Power and Precision of the Big Horn Armory 500S&W Magnum Scout Rifle

| February 4, 2024 | 2 Comments

Are You Sure You Own A Scout Rifle?

There were many qualifications Colonel Cooper set for what he wanted in a Scout Rifle. I have chosen a few of those that are mainly spoken about. Most think slapping a Scout Scope on the front makes their rifle a Scout but it is much more complicated than that. 

Col. Cooper Main Specs   Big Horn Scout Concept
Weight With Scope 6.6lbs or less   8lbs 7oz
Less Than 1Meter/3Feet/36in Long   37 Inches
308 Generating 2427 Ft Pounds of Energy   See Chronograph Data Below
2 MOA Accuracy    Capable With The Right Ammo
Ghost Ring backup Sights   Peep Skinner Sights
Long Eye Relief Scope   Burris 2-7x Scout
Hunt Any Animal On Earth Up To 1000lbs   Capable With The Right Ammo
Quick and Maneuverable Snap Shooting   Can Be Just As Fast As A Bolt Action Rifle Or Faster – much more fun IMHO

Chronograph Data


Though the Scout Rifle has traditionally been a bolt action rifle outside of the Springfield M1A Scout Squad.

Many have used the 45/70 Lever, the concept DM came up with was converting a Big Horn Armory 500S&W Magnum. Of all that I have shot, this was THE MOST FUN and less recoil than the 45/70. The 500gr Hornady carries even more energy down range at 100 yards than the 45/70.

There are not many rifles today that can meeting the standard Colonel Cooper originally published, though the closer you get the more of a do IT ALL general purpose rifle you will have.

What A Blast!

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2 Comments on "Exploring the Power and Precision of the Big Horn Armory 500S&W Magnum Scout Rifle"

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  1. Lawrence Z says:

    I enjoyed the video 👍
    A buddy of mine just picked up a 45-70
    Marlin. Has a lot of fun with it.
    But after your review I think the 50 S&W would be better
    And nicer to shoot.
    I am going to look into this further.

  2. Frank E says:

    When shooting this rifle from the bench, you need your offhand to hold the forend. I cast several different bullets for the 500 rifle, be happy to send you a selection to try.
    Cheers Frank

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