Best All Around or Most Versatile Medium Range 223 Load

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This video is long overdue. Almost a year ago I completed the OCW ladder test to find what I believe to be the most accurate medium range loads for two rifles. The intent is to have a stock of one load that I could rely on for target or varmint.

The Rifles:
1. Howa 1500 Heavy Barrel 1/9 twist, Fred Choate Aluminum bedded stock, Zeiss Scope.
2. AR15, Wilson Arms Barrel 1/8twist Bull Barrel, CTS Aktive Recoil Buffer.

I was looking for a medium range 100-300 yard load that I could use in both rifles for varmint or target. Depending on the mood of the day, semi auto mood or bolt action mood, I could grab either and just head out. Some days I just get a kick out of working the bolt on a bolt action rifle, other days I prefer the spring rattling of a semi auto AR15.

All loads displayed in this video were safe in my rifles but may not be in yours. This data is not intended to replace the appropriate reloading manuals data and should not be used without verifying and double checking the loads between two different official published reference points ? IE reloading manuals. If you elect to utilize any of this data it is at your own risk. These loads did work fine in the rifles indicated above.

Loads: 6 Rounds fired of each load. I waited 5 minutes between groups to allow the rifle barrels to cool.
Reloader 15 25.2gr COAL 2.252 – 60gr Vmax
ARComp 23.2gr COAL 2.250 – 60gr Vmax
H335 24gr COAL 2.248 – 60gr Vmax

It was so windy today my chronograph got blown over twice, so I did not get a chance to measure velocity. I decided to test that another day instead of breaking my chronograph. Though weather conditions weren’t ideal, what fun is there to always shoot in the best weather conditions.

Which load would you chose for the purpose I have stated?


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