Best Accuracy Out Of A 10/22: Threaded Receiver or Traditional Slip Fit

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MOA Corp Threaded 10/22 Receiver

MOA Corps was founded in 1982 by Mr. Rich Mertz in Ohio. Necessity always seem to be a great driver of innovation. Rich and friends have really good story involving a 30-06 rife in a car and the need to for something easier to manage. They came up with these well built single shot pistols, there begins MOA Corps. Along the way they got into making 10/22 receivers that were actually threaded. In all of Rich’s brilliance he made sure that the receiver though threaded was capable of also taking the standard Ruger barrel which is slip fit, absolutely brilliant. This threaded receiver even had the rear tang on it for mounting with two screws. Together the thought was a threaded receiver, two mount points and the steel receiver would drive greater rigidity driving bolt action like accuracy from a semi-auto.


Features, Functions and Opportunities

Assembly of this build was no different than any other 10/22 build and is 100% compatible with all your favorite 10/22 components.

This one was assembled with a threaded Benchmark Barrel 1/16 twist cut to 20inches, Bentz custom chamber, Timney Calvin Elite Custom Trigger with extended magazine release, Machined custom stainless bolt, Sniper Grey Cerakote finish and Euro Laminate stock. All the work completed by Advanced Weapons Technology.

The opportunity actually begins with the threaded receiver. When these first came out there were many barrel manufacturers that came on board. Unfortunately the company has been sold twice and little to no support for 10/22 threaded tenon barrels on the open market now. On the other hand the great news is this MOA receiver will take the standard slip fit BUT WHY DO THAT. This build was about being different and seeing if the tighter threaded fit did creates better bolt action like accuracy. Again Advanced Weapons Technology and Mr. Don Fraley to the rescue, I think he can thread these barrels in his sleep. This receiver does come with the rear tang but I really wanted the Euro stock and didn’t want to machine the rear of the stock and drill it. So I made the decision to do something I thought I would regret and that is asking Don to get rid of the rear tang. I would have had a big whole in the rear of the stock, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Yes Accuracy first then looks second. With the tight fit of the stock we didn’t believe it would hurt and doesn’t look like it did.



To be honest, I did seem to squeeze out a tad bit better accuracy but not some huge advantage. Though the type of shooting I do with friends there is A LOT at stake its called bragging rights. With friends like mine every bit of accuracy matters.

As you can see the threaded MOA setup shot an average of .371in at 50 yards and the Slip fit Clark Custom shot an average of .435in across three five shot group volley’s. This difference on paper doesn’t look impressive but with friends like Cyclops Joe, Josh POA and Don RimfireSS let me tell you it matters or you never live it down.


Future Plans

I plan to test both of these rifles at 100 yards after I get better glass for the MOA Rifle setup. With my aging eyes I struggled at 50 Yards with the 3-9x Vortex I have on it now. Moving out to greater distance has the potential of showing a greater variances between the two rifles. Until then enjoy the video 

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