Best 22 Rifleman/Shot In The Family?

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This morning a debate started in our family by my 12 year old son asking who was the best 22 rifle shot in the family. It started as a family friendly conversation with everyone claiming to be number one, Queen of the 22, Master of Precision, or as my son put it nothing can stop him when he is on the range. According to him he becomes the Zen Master over all the elements, rifle, scope, ammunition and the wind. Fortunately his comment would push mom over the edge and she screams downstairs boys pick out your favorite 22, Dad let’s pack up and head to the range and settle this score once and for all. It is always a fantastic day when you and the family can settle a score and have a great day of family competition on range.

We would chose all of our favorite 22’s, for mr.revolvgerguy a cz452 with trigger work, for the wife mrs.leo45 a custom built 10/22 with Kidd Barrel and Trigger and for my son his very own 10/22 takedown with custom stock. For practice we all decided it would be good to warm up with a dedicated 22 AR, honestly this was the sons idea he said he needed something to warm up with, truth of the matter is he is fascinated with AR’s. I have previously reviewed these rifles in this article here.

mrs.leo45 and ZenMaster warming up, I call it practicing myself — I told them this is not a game of football.

From here this day would get a little embarrassing for me, as Karma would bite me in the rear. Now before ?you start passing judgement keep reading and understand I tried to help but competition in this family would limit everyone’s listening skills today. For ammunition I brought along red box American Eagle, Federal AutoMatch and Wolf Target Match. I tried to tell everyone they would get their best groups out of the Wolf ammunition but they all looked at me and laughed as if I were trying to ambush them or sabotage the competition. I decided ok well tough luck I am not helping anymore, each shooter would get 5 spotter shots to adjust their scopes on a silhouette target we had hung. Then each shooter would fire 10 shots on the blue bullseye target. They wouldn’t even let me arrange the shooting rest for them everyone wanted hands off, mrs.leo45 even shouted while she was taking her stuff out of the car hey don’t touch my stuff. Of course in the back of my mind I said ok better for me, this is where Karma set in. Though I was having a great time with my family I was laughing the entire time thinking this is going to be like taking candy from a baby.

All shots were shot at 50 yards and each shooter would chose their own ammunition and site in their own scopes.

mrs.leo45’s first target — Custom 10/22 Kidd Rifle Federal Auto Match Ammunition

ZenMaster’s first target — 10/22 Takedown Federal Auto Match Ammunition

mr.revolverguy’s first target — CZ452 custom trigger work Wolf Target Ammunition

We headed down range to view the targets and to get pictures and immediately I am assaulted, with words like cheater and no fair you used a bolt action. I told them the rule was pick your favorite 22 and that’s what I did. Of course quickly the rules changed now we all decide to shoot mrsleo45’s custom 10/22 with Wolf Target ammunition. The ZenMaster would run back and get some Caldwell Orange Peel targets to try again, according to him he shoots better with these targets. Up first the ZenMaster, he is taking a long time adjusting the parallax on the scope, I notice he has it set at 25yards. After being beat up for trying to help initially I decided I wouldn’t say a word maybe it is clear for him there, or was this just my way of assuring myself a win — Karma doesn’t like ugly.

We head down range and the ZenMaster see’s that Mrs.Leo45 has spanked him by the way I score the targets and he looses it. He looks right at her with the biggest smile and says there is no way mom you are better than me. He asked if he could have one more try before we leave, I leave that decision to Mrs.Leo45 and she agrees. As we are walking back to the firing line she looks at me and says he is your kid when he acts like this and does this remind you of someone in particular someone who hates to lose. I know better than to answer that question because in my mind I am thinking yes you lady hate to lose instead I just give the biggest smile in return.

So the ZenMaster get’s one last try ( but this time I would adjust parallax for him) —- AND —-

He nails it.

This range day would do nothing to settle this argument as every one would leave with reasons (excuses) why ?they shot like they did. So what do you all think?

I say the final rankings are Mr.Revolverguy, ZenMaster and Mrs.Leo45 because I don’t think the final target should be accepted for scoring — evil smile and sinister laugh as I type this.

So help us — leave a comment and tell us how you would score this fantastic family 22 plinking day. The only possible thing that could have made this a better day, would have been the inclusion of both of my daughters but they had other plans already. Of course both of them are saying they would have smoked everyone.



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7 Comments on "Best 22 Rifleman/Shot In The Family?"

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  1. Sgt Sgt says:

    if the parallax was adjusted during the warm up for Zenmaster, ZenMaster would have won.

  2. For pure sanity over the coming days/weeks, I think the Mrs. wins. As the old saying goes, “If Momma aint happy, aint nobody happy”…

    Technically speaking, based on average group size, MR.Revolverguy wins with the Mrs. in 2nd, and the almighty ZenMaster (The Zen must have been misplaced on this day) comes in 3rd. The last target by ZenMaster, (I guess he went back to the car and opened a new can of Zen) is great shooting, but doesn’t count. In any competition, it doesn’t matter how good you shoot after the official competition has expired. Only those targets being shot during the competition count. Maybe the pressure got to him?

    Looks like a great fun day at the range. Wish my family wanted to come shooting with me!

  3. Edward A Simmons says:

    ZenMaster smoked both of you. Period. Don’t try to toss that last target, clearly ZenMaster’s game was on. Good writing too.

  4. Yeah in these situations it is always best to understand — If the wife is happy everyone is happy. So as she see’s it,

    And well Dad is just last. 🙂

  5. Brian says:

    What can I say? Good on ZenMaster.

  6. Capn Jack says:

    Annie Oakley

    Shot off hand. Next time try that.

    Anyone can have a good day from a rest.

  7. Make sure not to tell the benchrest guys that 😉

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