Bergara B14r Ongoing Range Report

| June 18, 2020 | 1 Comments

Where do I start with this one. Well I’m going to skip all the aftermarket trigger issues I have had for the last two months. Jumping forward I now have the Bix’n Andy TacSport PRO single stage trigger installed. I go into a little depth about the trigger in another thread so you can go there for photos and my initial thoughts.

I am happy to say that this trigger performed flawlessly. It come set at 2 oz and that is exactly what the pull weight is. It’s 2 oz, very consistent, no sear drops and no failure to cock out of 300+ rounds today. To me it was worth every penny and I would highly recommend one for their R700 platform rifle.

The B-14R also performed excellent. While some of the targets don’t look that great, the conditions were not great either. I had high wind at times and just every so often it would stop blowing. I don’t have the patience to wait for that window of opportunity. I also had several AD with my cold fingers but I can’t identify all of the AD’s. If I wasn’t wanting to test the trigger I probably wouldn’t have even shot today. That’s another reason I only shot the SK.

This time I did things a little different when shooting. First I cleaned the barrel just to get a fresh start. Then I shot only SK ammo. Another thing I did differently is I shot the first 30 rounds with each ammo without my Sparrow and then shot the last 20 with it. Why didn’t I shoot 25 and 25? Because I hate drawing that crooked line. The straight line just gives a cleaner look. And yeah, I know, my line isn’t straight?. I will let the reader draw their own conclusions as to the effect the Sparrow had. I was kinda disappointed in the accuracy with the Sparrow but then again most screwed up groups had one round killing it. One thing is for sure, it appears to shoot a little high with the Sparrow. I will clean the Sparrow before shooting with it again. It probably has 2000 rounds on it.

I plan on cleaning the barrel and shooting Eley next. That will take place whenever I get the opportunity. I went back and looked at how many rounds I have shot and I can account for 2,200 rounds. A more accurate number is probably around 2,500. I have not had one failure of any kind.

Here are the groups of the day. The order from top to bottom is also the order the ammo was shot.

As opportunity permits I will add to this report.

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  1. John W says:

    Any updates on the ELF trigger in the B14r? I’m looking at getting that same trigger. Sent an email to ELF, and they said they definitely can mill one down for me. Or would it just be easier to mill out the trigger housing on the rifle?

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