Anshutz 1727F and RimX Range Time

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Arms Race:

Wow where to start other than being thankful for the blessing and time spent with my brother and close friend on the range.

At this point in time with both of these rifles being less than a month old from manufacturing and less than 100 rounds down barrels a review is not in order YET. This will be more of an initial impression of these modern marvels of engineering and the dedication two long term friends have for winning the bragging rights. I mean this is almost flat out war with a full blown arms race. The real question is can we perform well enough as shooters to ring out every bit of accuracy both of these rifles are capable of. 

The Rifles:

Anschutz North America

Anschutz 1727 With GRS Stock

18.5in Varmint Profiled Threaded Barrel

5020 True 2 stage trigger than can be set as low as 2oz

Straight pull biathlon style action by Fortner truly on ball bearings (this is the smoothest action I have ever worked) more to come in the full review.

GRS Stock with thumb action relief cut glass bedded by the Anschutz.

Scope US Optics 2.5-20X 34MM Tube

DPGunworks Precision Build

Zermatt Arms RimX Receiver

18.5in Douglas Bull Barrel Chambered with Special dimension Dave Manson Reamer

Furiosa Woox Chassis (Hybrid of Steel and Classic Wood Accents) The most eye popping beautiful chassis I have ever seen.

Arken 6-24X 34MM Tube

Arca Bi Pod Rail


Let’s Put Some Rounds Down Range


As you hopefully watched in the video today was more about FUN and getting to know both of these rifles up close and personal. We wanted to try different brands of quality match ammo to see what would perform the best but more than anything we were out to just have some FUN and camaraderie. Both having dealt with a few of life’s difficult moments with our loved ones in the last 30 days.

These rifles are much more capable, but I always seem to get camera fright. Off camera we turned in some great 5 round groups. With the rifles in the video and a few others we brought along.




Vudoo 22 MTU Barrel MDT Chassis
Vudoo Group with RWS50
Anschutz 1727F
Christensen Arms Ranger 22 with Harrel Tuner

Stay Tuned Range Fans for a much more detailed review to come and an all out war of custom 22 rifles.

Thank You Range Fans and Have a Blessed Day

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  1. Ken says:

    What a beauty to see that anshutz. If you can grab some Eley Tennex, that Wooky will be happy to eat those. 😉

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