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Alien Gear Shapeshift Starter Kit Review???????????????????????????????????????????????????? by Pete Stan?? 08/28/2017

First off let me state I do not work for or have any connection to Alien Gear. I purchased my Shapeshift based purely on what I perceived as a fit for my personal use. I have always liked products that offer versatility and personal user configuration. The Shapeshift hits those marks and more.

The kit includes:

OWB paddle holster

OWB belt slide holster

IWB Tuck 4.0 holster

IWB appendix holster

Level 2 retention thumb release

Modular weapon specific shells

Adjustable retention unit (installed)

Multi surface holster mount with screws or anchors

Full Instructions and parts list

1 Hex wrench

Different style belt clips available if needed

The Shapeshift Starter Kit in a word is ?Revolutionary? in the holster market. Is this an over statement? I think not. Are they offering a design beyond what others are marketing? Yes they are.? The new system offers not only superior materials but also a radical concept of a modular system that can serve the gun carrying enthusiast in most situations. I say most as I believe they have yet to fully develop the system beyond what we already see. The fact that you can buy one package that contains multiple configurations for IWB and OWB is fantastic. I see it being used for shoulder holster, ankle, and more.

Now into the meat of this review. Here is my general consensus of the overall system in as short and concise a manner as I can.

I was first a bit overwhelmed when I opened the package upon receipt. So many parts when I am accustomed to a holster you put on and insert handgun. After document review and building my first adaptation it all made sense and I found it to be very intuitive. No tools are required to switch between configurations, and the conversion is done quickly. No need to go back and review the instructions before setting up the next holster configuration. Had I reviewed the easily available videos on AG’s website I do believe I could have moved forward quickly from there. My old school ways had me reading the contained instructions. Very well written as well, any question asked is answered in the simple and concise documentation that is included with the package. I have been through the gamut of holsters in my life from the modest Uncle Mike type cordura to the finest leathers of the likes of Milt Sparks. AG’s choice of new age materials are wonderful and purposed well for everyday carry. Resistant to the things we did our best to avoid with other materials. From rain and cold to heat and sweat. Comfort has not been sacrificed for function either. Worn next to the skin or on top of a T-shirt it is just as comfortable and solid in its staying ability. Time will tell on long term wear aspects, but with a forever warranty what is there to lose? Weapon retention is perfect as I see it. Fully adjustable by the user to include level 2 retention if desired when worn OWB. Weapon cant also is adjustable in all configurations as well. Need it to ride deeper in concealment when worn IWB that is adjustable as well. Drawing from or returning to holster is about the same regardless of your chosen carry method. Some are more accessible than others for obvious reasons, but none the less the system gets it done. The same can be said for conceal-ability or printing as some prefer to say. The OWB paddle holster configuration makes a great range holster or for concealing under heavy winter/outer wear. The OWB belt slide performs well under light cover garments from a long T-shirt to a casual button up un-tucked shirt. All the while staying close to the body and minimizing printing. The IWB Tuck or Appendix allow for a full conceal in most business attire or casual wear. The holsters in all available configurations are minimal, meaning they are no larger than they functionally need to be to perform.

The system is currently available for some of the most popular compact carry pistols. Currently not available for revolvers. I do hope they expand to include the likes of the 1911 and comparable pistols that many prefer to carry. I purchased mine for the S&W Shield .40 and find it to meet my needs above all other holsters I currently own. That includes their previous Tuck 3.0, of which I will still use as it supports a wider range of handguns currently.


I found when wearing the OWB belt slide the shell would flex some and make drawing a bit more difficult. No adjustment I made in retention would alleviate the issue. Not locating the holster on the crescent of the hip was most helpful in reducing this flex when the belt is drawn tight. A slightly thicker shell or engineered rigidity may rectify this minor detail.


Customer support is excellent on all AG product lines. My level 2 retention thumb release was not functioning as smoothly as I thought it should. After a quick online support chat I received a replacement in a very timely manner, problem solved. Every part performs as advertised and expected. I suggest the Shapeshift starter kit to anyone looking to up the ante on concealed carry. Great bargain for a system of holsters to fit all your needs. No longer do you need to buy redundant holster components to fit multiple modes of carry. Adapt and overcome…

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  1. Edward A. Simmons says:

    Great review Mr. Stan!


  2. STAN GORMAN says:

    Just ordered mine today. If it performs as stated in the above review I will be well pleased.

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