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If you are like me and carry all the time it is most likely you also have a drawer full of holsters and I suspect you have more than one carry pistol. Possibly one for the summer/warmer months and one for the winter/colder months. If there is one thing I am a serious believer in, its training. The Marine Corps is part responsible for who I am today, the transformation one goes through is life lasting. The 14 leadership traits seen on posters around the world, Honor, Integrity, Courage, Loyalty as the most publicized are the life blood of the organization. Though not a leadership trait, training is essential in making Marines it is also essential as a civilian as it pertains to you and your families safety while carrying concealed. Training is about a great foundation of repeatable consistent movements or as I often refer to as muscle memory. Consistency will improve your proficiency, I have found over the years during my training the more things are the same example my holster, the more it boosts my confidence. Changing from one carry setup to another seems minimal, but I want every advantage possible if I ever have to defend myself some day. Enter Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 Holster.

DSC00879The main attraction for me to this holster is its ability to transform yet remain the same. One may ask how is that even possible? Well once you have the base setup the kydex shells are interchangeable therefore giving you the same ride height and comfortable feel for many carry pistols. In my case a shell for the S&W 642 for summer carry and S&W Shield for winter carry.?In comparison with a few other holsters I also found the Kydex of the Alien Gear Holster to be thicker and better form fitted over the business end of your pistol, giving better protection to the front site. If there was one thing that concerned me about the holster as I was doing my research was the Kydex material. Not so much specifically to this holster but there were many reviews and internet forums stating Kydex may accelerate wear on your pistol. A carry pistol is a tool but I still prefer for my tools to be nice in appearance and 100% in functionality. As part of my testing I inserted and removed my S&W Shield 500 times to simulate what I considered to be 1 years worth of wear. I did not see any additional wear on my S&W Shield due to this testing. Even if there were accelerated wear, this holster was to comfortable and flexible to not press into service of my daily carry routine.

The Cloak Tuck 2.0 is the latest version of a hybrid IWB holster released by Alien Gear. Alien Gear was started in early 2013 and quickly became known for cost effective long lasting durable holsters. With the recent release of their Cloak Tuck 2.0 being made of neoprene backing makes it the most comfortable holster I have ever carried. The original Cloak Tuck was your standard hybrid leather/kydex IWB holster. Those that refuse to give up your leather can still purchase the original Cloak Tuck from Alien Gear today, but for me it is the Cloak Tuck 2.0 all the way. This holster requires no break in time as the neoprene backing immediately form fits in any position you wish to carry, 2oclock, 3oclock or 4oclock on the hip. The neoprene is also sweat-proof, though I have only been carrying with this holster during the winter months. The neoprene also reduces weight over the leather version. With a good belt no more pulling on your pants every time you go through the routine of sitting and standing.

Shortly after purchase a nicely packed set of goodies will arrive at your doorstep. With each purchase everything you need to customize your holster to the best fit, you will find inside. A quick read of the thorough documentation, yes men I recommend you read the documentation you begin to understand how versatile and easy this holster is to customize to your liking. The Cloak Tuck 2.0 is the most customizable holster I have ever owned, it is as close to having one custom made for you without the expense. The customization is key to concealability and comfort.

The three final attributes which sold me on this holster next to comfort are, one the ability to adjust retention utilizing spacers. The spacers support a wide range of flexibility and for me I found thinner spacers on the bottom, with the standard spacer on the top was the perfect setup for my S&W Shield. This is the only holster I have and are aware of that delivers this feature. Often one holster is made to support a number of different pistols made by different firearm manufactures, generally affecting pistol retention. The Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 spacer system resolves this issue.

Two the durability of the nylon clips, it wouldn’t be Alien Gear if this feature did not also deliver a ton of flexibility. The nylon clips are also adjustable in ride height and angle. “The default tilt angle (cant) is 15 degrees, which is the standard “FBI Cant”. However, you can adjust the tilt angle to be more or less by simply raising or lowering one or both of the clips in opposite directions.” I found my holster setup exactly as quoted by Alien Gear upon removal from the package.

Three would be the iron clad warranty offered by Alien Gear.

  • 30 days money back no questions asked
  • Lifetime warranty? if anything ever breaks for any reason including the clips
  • Free shell trades for life, if you get a new gun we will trade your shell to match the new gun as long as you own the holster.

One holster, many pistols and comfort at very reasonable price points is the summary of why you should give Alien Gear Holsters a try. Not to mention Made in the great USA.


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