A Great Day At The Range – DPMS SASS – Savage10TR – Remington 700

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Any day where you are afforded a safe day out on the range is indeed a fun event, especially when that time is spent with family and friends. It truly is a magical moment for me when my reloads matched in the right rifle performs better than expected. One can spend many hours at the reloading bench developing loads and doing ladder test to try and find the best load for your rifle.


Most reloaders I have spoken with started into reloading to save a few bucks. This has always been a highly debated topic in many firearm forums on the internet. Most end up finding out reloading is a means to practice more. I myself find reloading to be very therapeutic, a way to relax, to get away from the every day stresses. When it all comes together for you on the range and you find that perfect load, what a joy.

Darrell and I have been developing loads for rifles for over 35 years between the two of us and it is still a rewarding endeavor when you get it right.??Typically your standard ladder test will get you very close, but with the shortage of supplies over the past few years it proved to be a little more difficult than normal. We are so pleased with the way these loads performed, we will have to do everything we can to keep the appropriate supplies in stock on the reloading bench. Luckily in this area the supplies used can generally be found.

Any loads on this page proved to be reliable, safe and accurate in the rifle it was fired in. All loads were double checked in multiple reloading manuals. This of course does not mean it would be safe in your rifle, if you decide to use these loads you do so at your own risk. Utilize safe reloading practices?and work up your loads for your specific rifle, it can be a fun endeavor.

DMPS SASS — 178grAMAX, 41.8gr of IMR4064 COAL 2.795

Savage10TR — 168grBTHP Hornady Match, 44gr of Varget COAL 2.792— 178grAMAX, 41.8gr of IMR4064 COAL 2.792

Remington 700 Yankee Hill Supressor –?168grBTHP Hornady Match, 44gr of Varget COAL 2.800 –?178grAMAX, 41.8gr of IMR4064 COAL 2.800

With previous testing we knew the Remington 700 loved 168gr pills, but we were having such great success with the 178grAMAX’s we thought we would give that a try. This did not go as well, the Remington barrel has 5R 11.25 twist rifling, both of the other rifles are equipped with 1/10 twist barrels.

Since we were the only ones on the range, I suspect cold, wet, windy weather kept others way. I was able to take a quick snap shot looking back at the firing line from the backstop.



Is it a problem when you smile all the way home after such a great day? Most likely not, but when your smile is tied to thoughts of arriving back home to your reloading bench to produce what you know are tack driving loads you may have a sickness.

So what are your favorite loads for your favorite rifles?

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