Going Scientific On 224 Valkyrie

Going Scientific On 224 Valkyrie

Upon explaining myself and situation to this group and really preparing to ask someone that was really dedicated to the caliber like this group that I had a nice rifle for sale. They immediately said hold on buddy if your mind isn’t made us let’s test and let us help you get this thing shooting. Immediately we went to work first collecting what components I had.

We decided we would start with Berger 80.5gr and SMK 90gr with Reloader 15 powder. Though not factory powder and not ideal we felt in the name of science we could get some good loads out of this combination. Federal themselves have stated Power Pro 2000MR powder is what they use.


Right away we started with GRT Loading Software and I already had Quickoad Software and Chris Long’s Optimal Barrel Time Spreadsheet These combinations more like science than art will usually get you very close to good or great hunting ammo. With a few tweaks to overall length and a little testing you could have competitive rounds in short order. Overall length in this cartridge is very important, with these gentlemen imparting their knowledge on me the overall length in the professional manuals were quite a bit shorter to fit the magazines.


Luckily I had magazines that would accommodate much longer overall lengths.


When working with previously mentioned software it is always beneficial to cross check your loads with professional reloading manuals. 

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