Going Scientific On 224 Valkyrie

Big E’s Discord Server and Dedication To Science

I met Big E a couple of years ago though he and I are pretty tight I keep an eye on him as he is a bit of a home wrecker. He knew I was testing a newly released Badboy 44Magnum from Cimarron 


So he sent me a mail call with some NICE 265gr freedom pills in my wife’s favorite color, so she confiscated them for a bit which delayed the testing, and almost led to divorce. Kidding here folks. 

She finally gave them back to me to proceed with the testing but she kept 1 of those blue pills as a keep sake THANKS Big E. So what does this have to do with the 224 Valkyrie, well Big E started a discord server specializing in almost every caliber for reloading. https://discord.gg/CJWGk29k

I noticed a few months back a lot of conversation in the 224 Valkyrie channel and have been watching it. It seemed as if Big E has done the community a real solid there were many contributing, kyzim311, Cygnus, many others and even the man himself Big E frequented this channel helping many.

Ok maybe this is my chance to revive the 224 Valkyrie that has been put away from so many years in the name of Science. I was willing to take some of the components I had on hand for 224 that was collecting dust to see if I could gain some satisfaction from it. 


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