SS-Alberta Joins Us In The Hostage Challenge — He Is one Of The Original Small Group Members That Helped Kick Things Off There Also

Score 57

Rifle: Anschutz 1710

Range: 50 yards

Ammo: SK Biathlon Sport

Ten shots fired in 73 seconds.

SS Magazine Change

SS-Alberta Getting Fancy

Two 5 shot magazines — Changing magazines in under 90 seconds wow

Rifle: Anschutz 1416HB

Range: 50 yards

Ammo: CenterX

Ten shots fired in 79 seconds.

Score 75




























SS-Alberta WOW Continues To Improve — Can Anyone Beat This Score?

Shot a 5 shot group to condition the barrel prior to tackling the Hostage target.

Two 5 shot magazines loaded with one inserted in the rifle.

Timer set for 1 minute and 30 seconds

First 5 shots at the top row

Moved to bottom row but forgot to insert the other magazine.

A quick exchange of magazines as the seconds ticked by.

Managed to get re-focused and after the tenth shot, the timer showed 7 seconds left.


Rifle: Anschutz 1710 HB

Ammunition: Lapua Midas +

Distance: 50 yards

Time: 83 seconds

Score 83








































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