If you want to join us download the target here.

Click to access HostageTarget-1.pdf

How To Submit Your Targets-Click The Link Below

Mr.Revolverguy at Dayattherange.com

Tell your story by submitting your target and and pictures of your rifles. Additional information for the cool factor would be state and country you are from seeming how this is really growing. You are allowed to submit as many entries as you would like. Each of your entries will be posted to your very own page here on Dayattherange.com


Target shot at 50 yards – Any Position – No Single Rest or Clamp Rest Allowed – 90 Second Time Limit — No part of the body can be touching the rifle prior to timer.


Take a picture or video and email them to me by clicking on the link above. Add up all your positive scores then subtract any negative scores you may have. See my original video here for an example.


Name Score Time
Class Bolt-Action Optics
Peacemaker 85 52Seconds
SS-Alberta 83 83Seconds
DM(DemolitionMan) 82 118Seconds Not Qualified
FishOn! 79 60Seconds
BoyGenius 75 60.9Seconds
SS-Alberta 75 79Seconds
Dano 75 80seconds
Marius Sweden 73 87seconds
Brian 71 83Seconds
Brian 70 85seconds
Dano 65 85seconds
ELarrson 63 84seconds
SS-Alberta 57 73Seconds
Kenny Snoppes 56 77Seconds
Mr. Revolverguy 52 81.03Seconds
DM(DemolitionMan) 50 43Seconds
Twyla Snoppes 46 84Seconds
Mr. Revolverguy-RugerAmerican Rimfire 46 86Seconds
Ty – Down Under 41 72Seconds
Dano 44 87Seconds
Mr.Revolverguy — Savage MKII 40 78Seconds
DM(DemolitionMan) 36 68Seconds
ProfessorJ 22 81Seconds
? ? ?
Name Score Time
Class Semi Auto Optics
Mr. Revolverguy 53 68Seconds


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