Winchester 52C: Iron Sights 100 Yards

| August 27, 2022 | 5 Comments

First Time With Iron Sights In 20 Years

Got my hands on a Winchester Model 52C and the first thing I wanted to do was put a scope on it. With blurry up close vision it was just a natural reaction not to mention having used optics for so long now. Though being able to read a license plate at 50 yards, crystal clear vision at distance. I got this wild idea to at minimal have one range outing with the iron sights. 

Beautiful Rifle


Challenge Iron Sights 22LR At 100 Yards

Not sure what got into me, it just wasn’t good enough to shoot iron sights I had to do it at 100 yards.


Is This Ok Considering?

Considering the circumstances what do you think about this at 100 yards with iron sights? 

Looking For Help

If anyone can tell me where to get different size front sight inserts for the Redfield front sight it would be GREAT!

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5 Comments on "Winchester 52C: Iron Sights 100 Yards"

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  1. Charles Irby says:

    That is pretty most excellent.
    Exactly what I’d expect from a Marine!

  2. Dave Roberts says:

    If it’ll shoot 50 yards it should shoot 100!
    I shoot a 50 yard BR match twice a month using a WIN 52C with a standard barrel.
    The target is a NRA A23/6. Top left is sighter and the other five are
    three shots each for record for a total of 150/15. We shoot two targets for an aggregate score total of 300/30. The The Black scoring ring is 3 7/8 in diameter and the “10” just .890 and the Bull at .390. Anything outside of the “10” is scored a “9” for convenience. If you can’t score a 300 you are wasting ammo. The “X” count determines the winner and we have several perfect 300/30 scores. My WIN 52C with the standard barrel and Centrex ammo can compete with any Vudoo or Cooper at my range.

  3. Terry Jester says:

    I shoot that same sight on my Anschutz 54. I make my own aperatures out of plastic sheet. Let me know what sizes and color you want and an address and I will send you some. I recommend yellow or clear. Sizes in .2 mm increments from 2 to 4 mm. TJ

  4. Nibs Carter says:

    Nice challenge! I submitted a couple good attempts on my YouTube channel at Walnut and Steel. So far Eli has me beat but I am not giving up yet!

  5. James George says:

    Hey MrRevolverGuy,

    That front sight tunnel looks very much like an old-style Anschutz front sight.
    The Anschutz has drop-in inserts. From the video, it looks like you can unscrew the flared rear end on that front sight tunnel and either drop in your insert through the slot on the tunnel or remove that flared end completely and drop in the new insert through the end of the sight tunnel. Nice shooting there Marine. (This Navy man still can outshoot you without a front rest.)

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