Winchester 52D: Still The King OR Is It My Fault

| June 12, 2021 | 2 Comments

This Winchester 52D is my brothers rifle. He has had it now for over 20 years and we shoot it every couple of years. Originally this rifle was outfitted with a 36x power 2in target Unertl.


Since its debut in 1919 the Winchester Model 52 has set many records and has gone through many revisions. Having been discontinued in 1980 when the Olin Corporation sold the brand to US Repeating Arms, the Winchester Model 52 even today is considered to be highly capable of competing and winning.  This is the first video of a few to see if it truly can hold it’s own today.

Recently DM decided to retire the Unertl, absolutely nothing wrong with it just keeping it as a relic. He replaced it with a Weaver T16 sitting on a EGW 52 Win Mount. 

The 52D is a heavy beast and single shot with a match chamber.
Specs on the rifle are:
Weight: 13lb 10oz. as shown in the photos
OAL: 46.125″
Barrel Length: 28″
Barrel Dia. @ muzzle: .875″ Target Profile
LOP: 14.25″
Single shot
This is not meant to be your walking in the woods critter getter. 

The 52D has little feed ramp, almost like a speed bump. I had to insert the round into the chamber by hand. This was not a big deal as I had plenty of room to do so. The 52D also has two bolts on both sides of the stock near the end to adjust for barrel harmonics, no need for a tuner? Just flat out accurate from the factory.

The accuracy impressed both me and the wife though her putting the wrong number of rounds on each target is my fault. She is trying to tell me I told her to move on to the next target. If I ask her to grab me a nice cold beverage she says it’s good exercise get up and get it yourself. So when did she ever start listening to me? Wait after 30 years maybe today is that day? Cmon leave a comment and tell me if this is my fault or not.


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2 Comments on "Winchester 52D: Still The King OR Is It My Fault"

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  1. Ron Henderson says:

    Love the Winchester! I like wood and steel. I really enjoy watching your videos as well. I have no way currently to upload my targets, but, when I do, I intend to enter the challenges you are conducting. I have downloaded the targets and shot them once and it was great fun. I have a CZ457 trainer with a Leopold 2×7 set up as a hunter (I performed a sacrilege and stripped off the iron sights and mounted the scope low over the bore). It is a great shooter with SK Standard plus and I really looked forward to entering.

    Ron Henderson

  2. hangfire says:

    Your bride is right, there’s no other rationale…and my wife gave me permission to say this LOL

    The 52 is great. I have never owned one but do remember fondly shooting the 52 of my father’s friend when I was 10-12 years old—Rem kleanbore 50cent a box from the hardware store.

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