22LR Know Your Skills Challenge

| May 31, 2021 | 16 Comments

GZinn Bergara B14R Playing For Keeps

Bergara B14 Trainer. Vortex viper pst 5-25 mil w/30 moa base 14” Area 419 arca rail

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16 Comments on "22LR Know Your Skills Challenge"

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  1. Martin says:

    Sir,thanks for all the challenge videos you put on youtube.
    The new one takes the cake.simple,yet very challenging.
    Can’t wait to get my shooting friends together and try it out.
    The hostage target was a big hit with us,probably the most difficult.
    You’ve put the FUN back into .22 shooting for me and my friends,and I
    Thank you for that. Please keep making videos your enthusiasm is

  2. mikey44mag says:


  3. mikey44mag says:


  4. Old School says:

    Thank goodness your content made its way into my feed. Confirmation that I’m not the only one who geeks out over the 22lr. Am really enjoying your work and greatly appreciate you keeping the content flowing. I’ll have to download the target and give it whirl. Have been shooting the cicadas. My farm is a favorite cicada hang out and if you’re going to land on the target face……. Smack! Thank you again.

  5. Jim_Hounddawg says:

    absolutely addicting. My 22LR ammo supply took a major hit this week thanks to this

  6. stagpanther says:

    Despite all the different guns I’ve shot in my life, I have virtually no experience with 22LR…AND THEN YOU HAD TO COME UP WITH THIS IDEA! So you MADE me invest in a 22lr gun and ammo with this contest! LOL

    Your infectious enthusiasm and polished presentations on YouTube are a credit to the sport!

    thanks. : )

  7. stagpanther says:

    PS–forgot to mention… it’s gonna be about 2 or 3 more weeks before I finally get my gun together the way I want it, so please keep the contest going for at least a few more weeks. : )

  8. WOW Stag what do I say, thank you, sorry 😁 Can’t wait to see your targets.

  9. John Picher says:

    A couple of weeks ago, I sold all of my left-over (benchrest) target ammo that I haven’t used for matches for over 10 years. I also sold my target rifles, so won’t be entering this endeavor, but wish all of you the best of luck/skill.
    John Picher

  10. Charles Irby says:

    I can’t find the leaderboard Eli, on this challenge.

    I did it today, [img]https://i.imgur.com/b0iEcay.jpg[/img]

  11. Tia4Birds says:

    I hope you keep doing the rimfire videos, they are informative and the content is high quality. Could you do a few more with the ranger 22?

  12. CharlieBS'er says:

    Stagpanther . . . . “I’ll be back!” . . . . 😉

  13. stagpanther says:

    @ CharlieBS’er–Im surprised you haven’t already knocked them all off–I know if I can get 4 of them than a real shooter with experience should get them no problem. And lucky for you I’ve had numerous setbacks which keep me from getting back 100%. LOL

  14. CharlieBS'er says:

    @stagpanther……It’s a lucky day when all goes well for me, I am no pro by a long shot.
    But…I certainly enjoy a good challenge and some crafty gamesmanship thrown in on the side.
    Good luck to’Ya Pard.

    On TRN (The Reloaders Network.com / discord channel)we have a Life Savers Challenge…glue 10 life savers to a card and use one shot each and try to get one shot or more through the center without breaking the life saver. The hole is .285″ so you can see that a fella needs a lucky day to get’er done.
    I went through 2 bags of life savers to get lucky enough on this one.

  15. stapanther says:

    Lemmee see Charlie, that would mean ten shots would have to be within roughly .062″ of dead center to not hit the lifesaver? Good day indeed. I don’t know why–but my shootings dropped off in accuracy; I can only get a few of the top row on about 1 out of eight tries, and haven’t been able to repeat a 4 hit. I thought I was gonna get all 5 any day now.

  16. CharlieBS'er says:

    stagpanther, I wonder if you are having action screw problems, they have become loose? Another thought is that unit on the muzzle, is that a can? Are you having a carbon build-up and getting suppressor strikes? Perhaps it’s time to run one wet patch through the bore and dry it and go again? Hard to say but my money would be on getting that bench shored up a bit.
    The .22lr BR is a finicky woman at best…your always having to keep track, I even keep track of my round count in the barrel as accuracy will drop off after 300 rounds so I clean it moderately every 250 shots or so.
    You need to work it out soon or leave me lonely at the top…I cleaned that top row on the 16’th, have no idea why Eli hasn’t posted it yet, said he would this past weekend. I hope he is not having problems of some sort.
    See’Ya later Pard…get back on the bench…charlie

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