22LR Challenge/Callout: Lithgow 101 and Eley Semi-Auto Benchrest Precision Ammo

| February 16, 2020 | 17 Comments

SS From Alberta Canada and His Beautiful Anschutz 1710HB

The rifle used this morning was an Anshutz 1710 HB Classic ( 5109-2 trigger). The scope is a Sightron III 6-24X50 mm mounted in Talley Rings. Ammo this morning, was Lapua Center-X

SS and the dedication, He did not have much time today on a very windy day yet he still got out to participate. But I know he will be back with other entries from his stable.

SS spending time at the golf course instead of the range — Looks like a great day for both

I probably should have went to the gun range this morning rather than golf course as it was almost dead calm and sunny throughout the whole game.

 The winds kicked up by the time I arrived at the gun range later this afternoon.  Mixed sun & clouds along with a steady crosswind of 13 mph, gusting to 20 mph added some extra challenges.

First rifle up, was my Anshutz 1416 D HB

SK FlatNose Basic and Eley Match Paired with CZ457

CZ 457 American with a YoDave trigger spring installed. Currently set at 14 ounces. Still windy out but tried shooting between gust.

First ammo, SK Flat Nose Basic


Please note that the top right target has 6 shots The bottom left target, looks like it has only four but there is 5. The bottom hole right of center has two bullets through the same hole.

Eley Tenex and Anschutz 1710 Take On The Challenge


Anschutz 1710 Midas+


Anschutz 1710 Eley Match

Made a trip to the gun range this fine afternoon with the Anshutz 1710 and three different types of ammunition.

Temperature: 26C ( 78.8F)  

A 10 mph crosswind with  gust of 15 mph.

First ammo was Eley Match





This Is What Happens When You Turn On The Camera.

We all know SS is a great shot with his 1710 but he sent me this clip. I feel good knowing I am in great company, that turning on the camera for the world to see adds a little pressure. ? Just busting your chops SS.

A 41 second segment of 22LR target video from a couple weeks ago ( I just extracted the last group shot from the video).

Targets are 1 inch diameter peel & stick splatter targets.

Distance: 50 yards

Rifle: Anshutz 1710

Ammo: Lapua Center X

Everything was going fairly decent but then came that unexplained flyer on the 3rd shot of target number 5.



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17 Comments on "22LR Challenge/Callout: Lithgow 101 and Eley Semi-Auto Benchrest Precision Ammo"

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  1. CharlieBS'er says:

    Best Challenge yet to come to the Porch…

    Got everybody in a stir … got everyone talking everyday.

    Thanks Marine

  2. Michael Hester says:

    Great challenge. People getting out and shooting. What it’s all about. And of course the chance to beat Gunny. Appreciate it Mr. Revolver Guy!

  3. Bret says:

    I just shot the challenge and plan on uploading a video to You Tube. Where do I upload the target to you?

  4. Terry Goolsby says:

    Great fun really glad someone has offered this. Please keep it going.

  5. OZ B says:

    Gday mate, I just wanted to let you know that the SK match 22LR (red) gets great groups in my LA 101 for a lot less cost then Eley match. So I would try those through your LA 101 next trip to the range. Also RWS do a 22 LR HV round that is great in the field in the LA 101.
    In case you get another Lithgow I can say my LA 101 in 22 Mag that loves 30gr CCI VNT Polymer tip. My LA 102 in 6.5 Creedmoor likes Hornady 143gr ELDX. My mates LA102 308 loves Aussie Outback 165 Sierra SBT gameking. Our Lithgow rifles all shoot ragged holes at either @ 50 (LA 101) @ 100 (102) both indoors and outdoors with those factory loads.

  6. Ty Austin says:

    Hey Mate, just saw your video with cci standard. I’ve been using them for a while now and they are great. Bot a fan of their faster stuff though.

  7. James Miller says:

    I noticed that you used a laminate Lithgow 101 in the challenge. I have 4, 2 – 22 mag, 1- 22 lr and 1- 17hmr. I just recently got them. Upon disassembling, I found cracks in the action screw holes areas, especially at the winged recoil lug mortise. These rifles were made in 2016-2017 according to the sticker in the stock forearm channel. Would appreciate you checking to see if your rifle has the same problem. Al 4 of mine do. The action screws take a 3 mm hex bit. I’m in the process of trying to get replacement stocks. As of now, no one in the US imports Lithgow rifles. Davidson acquired the remaining L

  8. Mine is not cracked — are you telling me that Howa is not importing them anymore?

  9. James Miller says:

    Legacy Sports in Nevada was the Importer and Davidsons in Arizona bought their remaining inventory of Lithgow rifles a month or so ago. I recently contacted Lithgow in Australia and they said they have no importer from the US but they are trying to get one. I am surprised that your stock doesn’t have cracks! Did you notice the date on the sticker in the stock forearm channel? Thanks for the quick reply. You are an awesome guy! I really like your day at the range episodes! Thanks again for answering. Jim

  10. I wonder why these are not catching on more in the US. I ordered mine and waited for months on end and have never seen another on in person. Back to the stock, you have me nervous I took it apart again and this time took it out to my bench under the magnifying glass and no cracks. My sticker does not have date it has a code on it (SET.17 Quality Check) Approved by Andrea. But again no cracks.

    And thank you very much for the visiting and giving me feedback on the video’s I continue everyday to try and get better. I wish I was a professional editor. Thank you

  11. https://www.2a.email/post/my-lithgow-101-at-the-range-on-march-5-2021


    Ballistic X Mobile App.:
    Target 3: 0.870 MOA Windy
    Target 6: 0.852 MOA Windy
    Target 9 : 0.793 MOA Windy
    Target 14: 0.592 MOA Windy
    Target 15: 0.863 MOA Windy
    Target 20: 0.691 MOA Windy

  12. https://www.2a.email/post/my-lithgow-101-at-the-range-on-april-30-2021

    FYI, Possum Hollow Products Bore Guide #92 (for CZ452) fits the Lithgow 101 – pics on link above

    Ballistic X Mobile App. :
    Target 1 1.237 MOA Very Windy
    Target 4 1.126 MOA Very Windy
    Target 5 1.196 MOA Very Windy

  13. gregb says:

    mr revolver guy, I enjoy your channel. One comment that I think might help you shooting 22LR. I notice that your trigger finger placement seems to vary. Your flyers seem to happen when the crease of your index finger is n the trigger. An your better shots seem when the pad of your index fnger is on the trigger. Maybe I am wrong hard to tell from tV but just a thought and maybe it helps

  14. https://www.2a.email/post/my-lithgow-101-at-the-range-on-june-11-2021

    My Lithgow 101 – At the Range on June 11, 2021
    Specs in previous Posts.

    As I wrote in my post of May 22, the 101 REALLY needs a much lighter trigger for the bench – currently at 3.5 lbs. To that end, I’m on a waiting list for a

    Lithgow LA101 – trigger spring set from Lumley Arms ( https://lumleyarms.us/ ) which, their web site claims will be 1.6 lbs when installed correctly.

    I wish I could get to 1 lb but, I’ll take what I can get.

    Yes, the targets below are the best of the day; I’m doing my best to test the rifle – not my terrible shooting skills especially reading the wind.

    Fifty Yards

    Ballistic X Mobile App. :

    Target 4 1.145 MOA

    Target 5 0.655 MOA

    Target 8 0.667 MOA

    Target 10 0.723 MOA

    Target 13 0.796 MOA

    Target 14 0.902 MOA

    Target 15 0.824 MOA

    Target 17 0.703 MOA

  15. Brendon b says:

    Hay guys sorry for the confusion but I can’t claim 6th place on the small group challenge as Lynne my girlfriend shot the target I was range officer at the club on the afternoon graveyard shift I did post it in on my email account as she very shy but how that has changed over the last few days the stick I’m get about her being a better shot
    Watch out Mr revolver guy i think she wants a shoot out with you 😅 UK Vers USA if your game regards Brendon and Lynne

  16. Oh you do not have to worry about claiming the credit because as soo as I get the time I am going to change that entry to point to Lynne LOL.

  17. radar says:

    love the 22lr videos it got me BACK ON THE RANGE every day and got my son interested got him his first rifle savage mark 2 were finally doing range together thanks to you and having a blast keep up the 22lr videos love you man and appreciate what you do RADAR66

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