Frankford Arsenal IntelliDropper — Quick Review

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I decided to go ahead and do a quick overview of the New Frankford IntelliDropper. I only published this because a few friends asked me for the video. I did not do a complete review demonstrating every single feature, I am exchanging emails with Frankford asking if the drifting that I am seeing is normal behavior.

The Bluetooth setup with your phone is really easy and very convenient. The Bluetooth feature I am most interested in is the firmware upgrade service. It seems Frankford is planning to continue to evolve this product with future software upgrades. This unit can be fully operated from your mobile phone. It has a ton of data already imported on the app, powder manufacturers, bullet manufacturers and primer manufacturers. This makes it very easy to load your favorite load and send it to the intellihopper in a matter of seconds.

The screen is bright and wide and very easy to use, something I thought the RCBS chargemaster was missing.

The bubble level also adds a nice little touch.

The Intelli dropper comes with a feature called powder calibration, this feature is supposed to provide the best speed and accuracy dependent up the powder loaded into the intellihopper.

The powder drain is like all others; it is on the side of the unit and must be sitting on the edge of the bench to empty easily.

The comparison to my RCBS chargemaster is a bit unfair as it has been reprogrammed for speed, but the Frankford out of the box keeps up. I believe the Frankford may be faster than an out of the box Chargemaster. I am only speculating but this may be because of the powder calibration feature.

Check back for a comparison against the Lyman Generation 6. This is in the same price range where the RCBS chargemaster is approaching twice the cost.

For those with the Hornady and Lyman units how does the IntelliDroipper Compare?

Uh oh folks I turned this thing on this morning and let it sit for an hour and the touch pad is not working at all. I can control it from my phone though. UPDATE this unit is going back.

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