Join the Excitement: Dayattherange Easter Egg Hunt 2024

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Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail


When you download and print these targets please have your printer options look like the image below. The most important is Print Fill Page

Rules of Engagement



No time constraints

As many spotters as you need on the big egg in the center of the target

1 shot ONLY per egg – total of 20 eggs on this target you have to find them all

19 eggs are hidden in the grass that equal 1 point per egg. Max points on this challenge is 19 as the large center egg are for spotters only.

All hits must be clean hits. If 1 round strikes two eggs you LOSE 1 POINT. If you have previously cleared an egg and counted that point, then you strike that egg shooting at another egg you do not count the first shot as a point and you still LOSE 1 POINT

If you hit a flower then an egg the point does not count

Every egg must be attempted at least once. 

Most important have fun and introduce the challenge to someone.

Tell your story by submitting your target and and pictures of your rifles. Additional information for the cool factor would be to include your state and or country you are from, REPRESENT and you will get your own page dedicated specifically to you and your pictures.

submit your target and pictures to

Let’s Get Started

Leader Score Board







Cam2hunt Open RimX 19
Lawrence B Factory Savage MKII FTV 19
Bill Ball Vintage Winchester52E 18
Sean S Factory KSA Crickett 18
Walnut and Steel Factory Anschutz 17
Bret ASMS-TV Open CZ457 CenterX 17
Andy L From Georgia Vintage Winchester 52B 17
The Gunslinger Open CZ457 MDT XRS 16
Hazzbro Open CZ457 SK Rifle Match 16
Mr.Revolerguy Open CZ457 MDT XRS 15
Lawrence B Semi-Auto Ruger10/22 15
Lawrence B Factory Savage MKII FTV 15
drpietrzak Factory Anschutz 1761 MSR Lapua Long Range 14
Mr.Revolverguy Open CZ457 Shilen Barrel/Eley Match-TDA Precision 14
John Winsor Factory Bergara Steel Eley Match 13
No Pro Factory CZ457 MTR 12
Mike Hewitt Vintage Savage Anschutz 64 12
Mike Hewitt Vintage Sears Ranger 1937 12
Michael (Cyclops Nephew) Open CZ 457 , KRG BRAVO chassis , Arken EP4 11
Mr.Revolverguy Open Savage MKII Eley Tenex 10
Boomstickrevenge Factory Tikka T1X 10
KFW Semi-Auto 10/22 10
Mr.Revolverguy Factory CZ452 9
Mike Hewitt Vintage Savage Anschutz Mk10A 8
Damin Grail Open Begara B14r with KI precision barrel, Trigger Tech Special 10 oz, MDT Acc Premier Chassis, Vortex Venom 5-25 7
KFW Low Power Optic Ruger 10/22 5

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  1. bill ball says:

    Andy L ,
    That is some fine shooting with your 52B. What power glass are you using ?

  2. 20X Malcom I just love that combo.

  3. Andy L. says:

    Bill Ball – Thanks – I’m using a 14x Lyman Super TargetSpot. For this challenge, I wish that it was a 20x…

  4. bill ball says:

    That isn’t much horse power for 50 yards. Good shooting

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