2023 Dayattherange Z Challenge/Callout

| January 7, 2023 | 9 Comments

Leon Galusha

Rifle Setup: Tikka T1X Vortex Diamondback Ammo CCI SV


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9 Comments on "2023 Dayattherange Z Challenge/Callout"

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  1. Damin Grail says:

    Damn them some nice groups

  2. Jason Shaw says:

    Just shot the challenge. Got to watch that time but managed to get it done in time even in gusty conditions.

  3. I’m a little confused.
    Are all 5 targets included in the timed challenge, or just the outer 4?
    I first shot all 5 targets and timed them, but then I saw the instructions that only the 4 outer targets counted.
    So I did it both ways.
    Which ones should I turn in?

    Thanks in Advance

  4. I am reusing the target from another experiment so ignore those instructions — Watch this https://youtu.be/hVqBXpBOIVk?t=80

  5. Nibs says:

    just did the challenge again with my Remington 37. Conditions were a lot better and the results were too!

  6. Brendon b says:

    Wow super pleased with that

  7. You should be that was some great shooting!

  8. Wrecktech says:

    The link to the target is not active.

  9. Thank you should be working now but I just emailed it to you also.

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