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The Journey

Originally in Part1 I experimented with 170gr SMC Keith Style freedom pill to topple my most favorite cartridges from the top of the list 44Magnum and 10MM.

The New Powder

In Part1 I experimented with 2 powders H110 the well known magnum powder against Alliant’s 300-MP a rather new powder to the market. Best of all my local shop had so much of it on the shelf I couldn’t believe my eyes.


The claim to fame for this new kid on the block is equal to or higher velocities than H110 with lower pressure and flash suppressant. Part1 made a believer out of me and this new magnum powder.  But penetration in the clear ballistics Gel proved to be greater than I would have liked. I went to work looking for a mold to cast 170gr freedom pills as hollow points and wow did I hit the jack pot. One mold to rule them all.





Original Loads Tested

This data is not intended to replace the appropriate reloading manuals data and should not be used without verifying and double checking the loads between two different official published reference points — IE reloading manuals. If you elect to utilize any of this data it is at your own risk, you take full ownership and responsibility for your ammunition.

H110 15grains of Powder, 170grain Hardcast SWC – C.O.A.L 1.635 Federal Small Pistol Magnum Primer – Hodgdon Book Recipe 14grains – 15.5grains COAL 1.580

Alliant 300-MP 16grains of Powder, 170grain Hardcast SWC -C.O.A.L 1.635 Federal Small Pistol Magnum Primer – Alliant Book Shows a max load of 17.5grains COAL 1.590

New Loads Tested

Alliant 300-MP 16grains of Powder, 162grain Hardcast SWC -C.O.A.L 1.595 Federal Small Pistol Magnum Primer – Alliant Book Shows a max load of 17.5grains COAL 1.590

Notice this time around my load had a much shorter overall length for proper feeding in the Marlin 1894.




Gel Test Results

This time with hollow points we have success. Or what I would consider success no over penetration and hollow point expansion. Though I think many might debate freedom pill failure due to the loss of weight. Let’s chat about it in the comments.

Ruger Security Six Results

Ruger Security Results

Marlin 1894 Results

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