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By:More Forty Fives
I have to ask you if you ever had an idea that everyone thought was dumb or already thought of it, and just dropped it. Well I was sitting at my reloading bench sizing some .45acp brass thinking about the rush on reloading supplies wondering what to do. That?s when I had the idea, why not load just one caliber and shoot one until things cool down. That could be a problem as my all time favorite gun is the 1911 in .45acp and I was looking for a revolver; bad idea already. Then low and behold I get my Guns & Ammo Handguns magazine from the mailbox and that?s it S&W has a .45 ACP revolver. Sounds good right, now I have to talk myself into buying one. As of late I really had a S&W mod.19 on my mind, I know a lot of people are going to think I?m crazy maybe I should have stayed with the 19 oh well. Boy am I glad I went for the Jerry Micuklek mod.625. It?s a 4 in. 6 shot bead blasted stainless revolver. Now for the technical specs.
Model: 625JM
Caliber: .45ACP it will also shoot the auto rim .45
Capacity: 6 Rounds
Barrel Length: 4in
Front Sight: Gold Bead Black Patridge
Rear Sight: Adjustable
Grips: Wood
Frame: Large (N)
Finish: Matte Bead Blast
Overall Lengh: 9 3/8
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight Empty: 43OZ

As you can see this is not a lightweight revolver. So when I held it for the first time I was really surprised. It felt good in the hand; the weight was not noticeable at all. I had read somewhere that the trigger had grooves cut into it and they were rather sharp. They feel ok on this gun. When I shoot it I?ll know for sure. The double action trigger pull is nice and smooth. But the single action is to kill for. I can?t believe it, and right out of the box. Ya know how they say the more you shoot it the better it gets well I don?t see how not on this gun. I have never been a big S&W person myself. Well let me clarify that. I was talking anything built after 1970 or so. I guess they have had a few ok guns.

Uh Oh I here the boss coming.

Ok I?m getting off track, back to the 625. I have never seen a moon clip in my life. What a trip, how do you load it without cutting my fingers to pieces? Ok so I take the phone book put it in front of me, take bullet set it on the book, and press the clip down on it bingo it snaps in, in 10 min., 10 loaded clips. Well not to get ahead of myself but take my advice and by a demooner to unload the empties the best $4.00 I ever spent. You?re going to have a blood bath without one.
Ok finally ready for the range. All I have to do is get my favorite shooting partner my daughter, Tiffany!
If she can shoot this thing at 43 oz., then I will know for sure the balance is right and it?s not just me. At the range, the moon clips drop right in. The grip is a little to smooth for me, I think some checkering is in order. It has to be hard to hang onto if you do any sweating but to each his own. Now for the fun first shot 1inch left dead center wow it felt very good, the gun just eats up the recoil. Next 5 shots in a nice 3inch circle for me that?s great at 25 yds Off hand. The grips are better then expected but I?m still not a fan. The sight picture was good. The gold bead was easy to pick up in the daylight. My guess is that in dim light they would be hard to see. But I don?t believe anyone would need night sights on this gun. I think S&W designed the J M 625 more for competition then protection. My daughter picked up the gun and her first words were man this gun is big. Here we go again with the grips they fit Tiff?s hand perfect, guess I?ll keep them for now. Holy smoke 6 rounds down range in a flash look out Jerry M. Tiffs coming after your record, I wish. She handled the recoil like a champion the weight did the trick. She has a problem with my XD45 and does not like to shoot it, but loves the 625. I guess you can tell I like this gun. Have I mentioned before I am no fan of the smooth grips again they are so so.

The double action trigger pull is a little heavy but the single action is great. This gun would make a great bowling pin gun. If anyone uses one for pin?s let me know how it works out. Now I get to work up some hand loads for my new gun. I sure would like to hear from anyone who hand load?s for this revolver. I know they load a 250 grain lswc in .45 auto rim brass; which I here is a good bowling pin load.

I have been shooting for a very long time. Oh my it scares me to think of how long ago starting out on a mod.15 S&W then a army surplus 1911A1 built by Remington. Now I have gone full circle back to a revolver.

I just have one more thing to say we all owe REVOLVERMAN a word of thanks for allowing us to use his website to help spread the word about our great sport. Thank You; More Forty Fives You can reach me on The Firingline Forum or my e-mail wlflec@aol.com if you have any loads to share.

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  1. James Krehmke says:

    Great reviews.
    Just finished reading your review of one of my favorite revolvers, S&W 625.
    I shoot pins with mine, using a 255 LSWC over 5.0 grains of Green Dot.
    Murders the pins, but nice and easy on the gun and me.
    Load this in Auto Rim cases, its the “sweet spot” for sure!

  2. James thank you for comment. The purpose of this site is to Review and Report on Firearms and Accessories with an unbiased opinion with real world use.


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