Reloading 300 Blackout

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Though this posting could be used as a base for reloading 300 Blackout, my intent is to cover specifically 300 Blackout for the Ruger American Ranch Rifle. You ask why a reloading article specifically for the Ruger American Ranch Rifle in 300 Blackout?? Those browsing the internet looking for reviews on the RARR 300 will quickly run across forum posting about the RARR having misfire issues. Being a Ruger fan, I struggled with why Ruger would not take care of this issue as it seemed to be wide spread. Odd enough I was an early adopter of this rifle, started documenting my experience with the 300 Blackout in mid 2013 shortly after the round was released and was not having any of these issues. One look to the heavens and I thought to myself thank you lord, because things like this easily frustrate me at times. My curiosity into what seemed to be a widely spread issue got the best of me. I decided to do some testing of my own to try and get to the bottom this ?misfire issue?.


If you are having misfires with the RARR300Blkout or just 300Blkout in general this is worth the read with plenty of pictures for easy consumption.

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