S&W Model 640 & Kimber K6s: Episode 2 – Revolutionary Vs. Legendary

| April 14, 2017 | 0 Comments

This is Episode 2 of the mini series in comparing the revolutionary 6 shot Kimber K6s revolver to the Legendary and ever popular Smith and Wesson Model 640.

The first episode was an introduction of the three revolvers that will be utilized in this mini series.

This episode consist of a table top review of the first of two S&W model 640’s. The model displayed in this episode is rather special as it is a Paxton Quigley Performance Center Edition and represents 1 of 250 made.

In this video I will be comparing some of the standard measurements of each along with testing the trigger pull on a RCBS trigger guage. Width, Sight Radius, Trigger weight.

I have seen on a few forums around the internet complaints of the price. As it pertains to fit and finish the Kimber K6s is on par or equal to the S&W performance center line and priced about the same.

Stay tuned for episode #3 for the range review of the S&W 640 Paxton Quiqley.

If there is something more you would like to see please leave the comments below and I will answer any questions.

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