45Super vs 10MM: Chronograph and Clear Ballistics Gel Data

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I just could not leave well enough alone. After using a close friend Springfield V16 to do the original testing against 45ACP. https://dayattherange.com/?p=5966 I just couldn’t leave well enough alone. It has always been in the back of my mind is there room enough for 45Super and 10MM or do they serve the same purpose even bigger than that which one is best? Would you know it I was able to get my hands on a Para Elite Hunter 6in 10MM


Now it is on, somewhat a level playing field to 6inch 1911’s.


Though the 6in Springfield V16 Long Slide is ported which many believe will hurt velocity. I to subscribe to this theory though I would be remiss to say I have seen ported barrels of same length produce greater velocity than non-ported. Like many things IT DEPENDS https://dayattherange.com/?p=2925 oh but I digress.

Underwood vs Revolverguy Reloads

I first want to begin by stating this was not an attempt to duplicate the great ammunition Underwood has become.


This truly was to add a little excitement to the video with my own favorite hand-loads in both calibers. 

This data is not intended to replace the appropriate reloading manuals data and should not be used without verifying and double checking the loads between two different official published reference points IE reloading manuals. If you elect to utilize any of this data it is at your own risk.

10MM 135gr Nosler, 10gr CFE Pistol, Winchester Large Pistol Primer, COAL 1.250

45Super 185grXTP, 10.8gr Power Pistol Winchester Large Pistol Primer, COAL 1.245

and here are the result from all four



45Super Underwood

45Super Handloads

10MM Underwood

10MM Handloads

Gel Testing

Underwood 230gr Average Velocity 1109fps Penetrated 12in in Clear Ballistics Gel


Mr. Revolverguy Handloads 45 Super 1292fps Penetrated 16in of Clear Ballistics Gel

10MM Underwood 1347fps Penetrated 15in of Clear Ballistics Gel


10MM Revolverguy Handloads 1554fps Penetrated 11in of Clear Ballistics Gel

I do love the way my 45Super loads performed but not so much the 10MM load. See it here in live action

More To Come

After many comments about the porting of the Springfield hurting velocity I have the all out to a few friends for another pistol with a 6inch barrel capable of handling 45Super. Keep your fingers crossed because not many pistols are capable of 45Super pressure without heavy modification.

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5 Comments on "45Super vs 10MM: Chronograph and Clear Ballistics Gel Data"

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  1. BigE says:

    Not sure max penetration is all it is cracked up to be. Defensively I want max pain not looking for a blood trail!

  2. DMcGuire says:

    Man, I wish I found your website and YT channel years ago! Fun vids!

    Just a few thoughts;
    A: If you’re going to compare the ‘best’ 45 Super round, I really like the 450SMC stuff from Doubletap. They tend to push their stuff faster. Probably the same for 10MM as well.

    That being said;
    Penetration and expansion, are all part of the equation to terminal ballistic effect. On a scale of 0 to 500 (no hydrostatic shock capability), 500 to 1000 (increasing probabilities of hydrostatic shock capability), and 1,000+ (almost certain hydrostatic shock capability), both the 230 45 Super (even being slowed by a ported barrel) and the 10MM both reached the 1,000 PSI threshold for almost-certain terminal effect on a man-or-deer sized critter.

    As a hand-loader myself, some of my favorite loads both out of carbines and pistols are using Ramshot Enforcer, Longshot, AA9, and Power Pistol. I’ve pushed a 185 grain HTP to 1450.00 out of a FNX45 Tac (threaded barrel), 230 grain to 1250 FPS, and a 260 grain speer JHP to 1100.

    Similar loads can be had in 10MM.

    Keep up the good work, and don’t be afraid of reaching out!

  3. Aaron D says:

    Even if the Underwood only penetrated 12in, the fact that it opened up to .7775 inches is impressive. I would’ve liked to hear what size the “wound cavity” each made in the gel.

    Both 10mm and .45 Super/.450 SMC are very capable. I wouldn’t want to be hit with either. But the fact that regular ACP can be run in the same gun is a big advantage if ammo is hard to find.

  4. Bill says:

    That 10mm would be devastating on an attacker. 12 inches is enough for non law enforcement types. Almost all civilian shootings are head on and 12 inches is plenty. The reason law enforcement needs more is they often shoots quartering or even side shots, and often through barriers. That’s just not the case with civilian self defense.

    I want the load to devastate to stop, and then stop. Not go through and hurt an innocent bystander.

    One man’s opinion. Bill.

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