357 Magnum vs 10MM In Clear Ballistics Gel

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Middle Weight Terminal Ballistics Match

This video happens to be the longest video I have ever produced, apologies up front for that. Though I believe there is some worth while loading footage with the Lee Classic Turret Press in loading both calibers in the very beginning of this video. If you are void of patience you can skip to half way of this video and get to the footage you most likely came here wanting to see.

Place Your Bets

If you were a betting person who would you place your bet on. Let me know in the comments below, before you watch the video. Let?s see how many get it right.


For you revolver fanatics and for those that asked for a revolver comparison of 357 Magnum and 10MM, well you got it.

S&W 686 7Shot Unfluted Cylinder, 7inch Barrel

S&W 610 Classic 6Shot Unfluted Cylinder, 6inch Barrel

Surprise Ending

Watching it all the way through most of you will be interested in the additional comparison I added in. Nope I am not telling ? you have to watch.

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