22LR Callout/Challenge

If you want to join us download the target here.


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Submit Your Targets

Mr.Revolverguy at Dayattherange.com

Tell your story by submitting your target and and pictures of your rifles. Additional information for the cool factor would be state and country you are from seeming how this is really growing. You will get your own success page example here.



Treefeller — 0.099in-0.189MOA Vudoo SK Long Range

KenP — 0.104in-0.199MOA Anschutz 54

Tampa Jimbo — 0.114in-0.219MOA Lapua Biathlon

CPGordi –0.143in-0.237MOA CZ455 CenterX

Josh-Utah –0.141in-0270MOA Bergara B14R SK Rifle Match

Brendon B — 0.144in-0.276MOA — Anschutz1761 SK Long Range Match

LeeJ–0.146in-0.279MOA-Vudoo22 A10 SK LongRange Match

Mr.Revolverguy — 0.164in CZ455 CCI-SV

Ron Martinsen — 0.168in CZ457 SK Standard Plus

Kenny –0.171in – 0.326MOA Vudoo CenterX


JeffG–0.179-0.342MOA-CZ457ProVarmint-Lapua CenterX

ChrisBogey872 — 0.182in-0.348MOA Lithgow101 GecoSemiAuto

Josh-Utah –0.183in-0350MOA Bergara B14R SK Rifle Match

Kenny –0.186in – 0.356MOA Bergara B14R

Nessale — 0.196in-0.374MOA CZ455 Walther Barrel SK StadardPlus

CPGordi –0.199in-0.381MOA CZ455 CenterX

Mr.Revolverguy –0.203in-0388MOA Kimber82G BiathlonXtreme

CPGordi –0.205in-0.381MOA CZ455 CenterX

Ron Martinsen — 0.206in CZ457 SK Standard Plus

Treefeller — 0.21in-0.49MOA Vudoo Target Rifle

Mr.Revolverguy — 0.212in Vudoo MPA Chassis

CharlieBS’er — 0.217in-0.415MOA CZ452

DM –0.219in-0.419MOA — Vudoo Sinister Lapua CenterX -Pictures

Mr. Revolverguy -0.221in-0.422MOA Lithgow CenterX

James — Krebs — 0.226in – 0.432MOA Vudoo22 Eley Match

Bret BR — 0.231in-0.441MOA CZ At-One Eley Practice 100

SS-AlbertaCanada – 0.232in-0.444MOA Anschutz 1710HB Eley Match

James — Krebs — 0.232in – 0.444MOA Vudoo22 Eley Match

LMJ Delaware — 0.237in 0.453MOA CZ455 Long Range Precision

CPGordi –0.237in-0.453MOA CZ455 CenterX

TomK– Sandusky 0.248in – 0.473MOA Anschutz 54

CanadaRob — 0.249-0.477MOA — Tikka1X CCISV

CPGordi –0.252in-0.482MOA CZ455 CenterX

LeeJ–0.250in-0.477MOA — VudooA10 Lapua CenterX-Pictures

Major Geek –0.254in-0.486MOA Savage MKII

Anthony R — 0.258-0.493MOA CZ457 Timney Trigger

Brendon B — 0.261in-0.499MOA — Anschutz1761 RWS-50

Mr. Revolverguy-0.266in-0.508MOA–Lithgow Eley Semi Auto BRP

LMJ Delaware — 0.267in – 0.509MOA CZ457 LRP

AndrewT –0.268in-0.511MOA–LithgowLA101 Eley Club

RapidrRobert — 0.279in – 0.532MOA Eley Action

LeeJ–0.284-0.543MOA Anschutz54.30 Lapua CenterX Beautiful Collection

Jim –0.287in-0.548MOA — CZ457 MTR SK Pistol Match Special

Ty — Down Under — 0.29in – CZ457 Chassis Lapua X-Act

Major Geek – JM — 0.299in 0.572MOA Savage MKII SK Rifle Match

Bret BR — 0.300in-0.572MOA — Savage B22 Precision

ELarson — 0.310-059MOA — Savage Make Edition

LMJ Delaware — 0.312in 0.595MOA CZ457 Long Range Precision

DM — 0.313in Vudoo MPA Chassis

NevadaSClark — 0.313 -0.598MOA — CZ457 MTR

Brendon B — 0.321in-0.613MOA — Anschutz1761 SK Long Range Match

LeeJ–0.321in-0.614MOA — CZ457 Trainer SK Flat Nose Match

SS-AlbertaCanada – 0.324in-0.620MOA Anschutz 1710HB Midas+

Ed R–0.326in-0.622MOA — Keystone SK Biathlon

SS-AlbertaCanada – 0.329in-0.628MOA Anschutz 1710HB Eley Tenex

BrianB Austrlia — 0.334-0.637MOA LithgowLA101 SK Long Range

Mr.Revolverguy — 0.349-0.659MOA TikkaT1X 29in KRG Bravo

SS-AlbertaCanada – 0.340in-0.650MOA CZ457American-SK Plus

RobW – 0.349in-0.667MOA

LeeJ–0.352in-0.672MOA — Anschutz 1727 Sk Rifle Match – Pictures

RapidrRobert — 0.352in – 0.673MOA Eley Club

RonH — 0.358in – 0.684MOA CZ457 SK Standard Plus

SS-AlbertaCanada – 0.363in-0.694MOA Anschutz 1710HB Eley Tenex

ED R–0.364in-0.695MOA–CZ-AT1 SK Biathlon

Mr.Revolverguy — 0.365in – 0.698MOA — Savage Anschutz

CanadaRob — 0.368-0.703MOA — Tikka1X CCISV

Mr. Revolverguy — 0.371in Savage MKII in Oryx Chassis Lapua Xact

Brendon B — 0.373in-0.712MOA — Anschutz1761 SK Flat Nose Match

Nessale — 0.374in-0.715MOA CZ455 Walther Barrel LapuaCenterX

Mr. Revolverguy — 0.378in – 0.721MOA Lithgow101 Fiocchi 320

SS-AlbertaCanada – 0.378in-0.722MOA Anschutz 1710HB Midas+

RapidrRobert — 0.380in – 0.727MOA Federal Match

CanadaJake – 0.38in-0.67MOA CZ455 Eley Force

NevadaSClark — 0.382in 0.729MOA CZ457

CPGordi — 0.383in – 0.735MOA CZ455 MDT Chassis CenterX

Jim –0.391in – 0.746MOA Anschutz 10B SK Pistol Match Special

LarryB Sandusky – 0.391in – 0.747MOA Anschutz64MPR SK Match 

Mr. Revolverguy 0.394in 0.752MOA CZ455 Trainer Video Link

SS-AlbertaCanada – 0.400in-0.764MOA Anschutz 1710HB CenterX

NevadaSClark — 0.401in 0.765MOA CZ457

Jim -0.405in-0.774MOA CZ457MTR SK Standard Plus

Bret BR — 0.409in-0.782MOA CZ At-One CenterX

TerryH – 0.410in Kimber82G Biathlon Sport Beautiful Stock

ED R–0.418-0.839MOA CZ-AT1 SK Pistol Match Special

Mr.Revolverguy  0.422MOA Lithgow101 Video Link

Jaydog6997 0.429in 0.820MOA SavageMKII Suppressed

FishOn! – 0.430inch 0.820MOA C457 EleyCMP

Brendon B — 0.440in-0.840MOA — Anschutz1761 SK Rifle Match

TerryH – 0.440in CZ 457 Lapua CenterX

Rebel ? 0.458MOA

Bret BR — 0.460in-0.878MOA — Savage MKII TR SK Pistol Match

Mr.Revolverguy 0.463in 0.884MOA CZ455 Varmint Video Link

SS-AlbertaCanada – 0.467in-0.892MOA Anschutz 1710HB FlatNoseBasic

Mr.Revolvrguy 0.470in 0.898MOA CZ455 Varmint EleySemi

SS-AlbertaCanada – 0.474in-0.906MOA Anschutz 1710HB EleyMatch

Mr.Revolverguy — 0.477in – 0.911MOA SavageMKII Oryx Chassis SK Rifle Match

Ty — Down Under — 0.48in – 0.85MOA CZ457 Chassis

Ron H — 0.488in -0.932MOA CZ457

RapidrRobert — 0.497in – 0.949MOA CZ457Chassis

DM — 0.501in-0.957MOA Vudoo Sinister Lapua Center X-Video Link

Bret BR — 0.550in-1.050MOA CZ At-One Eley Target

Zenmaster — 0.646in Lithgow 101 from Bipod Wolf ME

JP — 0.651 CZ452 Varmint SK Plus

Fritzq — 0.668in 1.276MOA CZ455 Factory Rifle — Target Here

TH — RugerAmerican–0.669in 1.279MOA

Jeff C — 0.675in – 1.289MOA Savage MKII


LeeJ-0.429-0.820MOA 1903 Anschutz Lapua Center X Beautiful Collection

Mr. Revolverguy 1.235in 2.360MOA CZ455 Trainer Video Link

LarryB-Sandusky-0.535in-1.021MOA Kimber


Mr.Revolverguy — 0.146in-0.279MOA Winchester52D Lapua Midas+

Mr.Revolverguy — 0.162in-0.310MOA Kimber82G Lapua Midas+

KenP – 0.179in — Remington Model 37 Scoped

KenP – 0.182in — Remington Model 37 Scoped

ED R – 0.260in — Winchester52-1937Scoped

ED R – 0282inch – 0.269MOA Winchester52 1937Scoped

John-s2000Blur – 0.366in – 0.700MOA Remington 540x Scoped

Ed R – 0.402in — Winchester52-1937 Scoped

Stevo1911 0.424in ? BRNO ? Scoped

Ed R – 0.454in – Winchester52-1937 Scoped

Dellet 0.544in ? 1904 Stevens 44 Scoped

Mr. Revolverguy 0.688in 1941 Marlin81DL 1.314MOA Scoped Video Link

Jerry Marshall 0.690in 53 Year Old Mossberg Scoped Vidoe Link

Sixshootertexan 0.860 Marlin Glenfield 1941 Scoped


Jerry Marshall  1.020in

KFW  1.3295in


NevadaSClark — 0.135in 0.257MOA Ruger 10/22 Green Mountain Barrel Eley Team

Mrs.-CPGordi –0.172in-0.238MOA Ruger10/22 SK Flat Nose

NevadaSClark — 0.199in-0.380MOA Ruger 10/22 Green Mountain Barrel

LMJ Delaware — 0.261in 0.499MOA Bergara BXR CenterX

NevadaSClark — 0.266in – 0.508MOA Ruger10/22 Eley Team

NevadaSClark — 0.266in 0.509MOA Ruger 10/22 Green Mountain Barrel

NevadaSClark — 0.267in 0.509MOA Ruger 10/22 Green Mountain Barrel

LMJ Delaware — 0.311in 0.595MOA Bergara BXR CenterX

LennyLC North Carolina — 0.328in 0.627MOA 10/22 Wolf Target

John-S2000Blur — 0.330in -0.631MOA Custom Kidd Sk Standard Plus

Sissy — 0.360in Ruger10/22 Kidd Innovative Design SK Plus

Mrs.-CPGordi –0.366in-0.699MOA Ruger10/22 SK Flat Nose

Rebel  0.367in Ruger10/22 Tactical Solutions Barrel Federal Gold Match Ammo .700MOA

LMJ Delaware — 0.370in 0.706MOA Bergara BXR CenterX

Eagle Eye — 0.370in Rare AR15 Rifle DPMS A22

ChrisBogey872 — 0.420in – 0.802MOA Custom10/22

DM aka Demolition Man 0.449in JP Enterprises Upper with Suppressor 0.857MOA

FishON! –0.450inch 0.860MOA 10/22Kidd

NevadaSClark — 0.465in 0.871MOA Ruger 10/22 Green Mountain Barrel

Mr. Revolverguy 0.560in Volquartsen Snake Flute 1.071MOA

Mr. Revolverguy 0.567in JP Enterprise Upper without Suppressor 1.083MOA

Maxx Bear 0.625in Ruger10/22

ZenMaster 0.640in Ruger10/22 1.222MOA

Mr. Revolverguy — 0.641in 1.224MOA Volquartsen

Mr. Revolverguy 0.700in Volquartsen Snake Flute 1.338MOA

Mr. Revolverguy 0.774in JP Enterprise Upper with Suppressor 1.478MOA

Mr. Revolverguy 0.782in Volquartsen Snake Flute 1.494MOA

LM#9 — 0.841in-1.606MOA — MooreGunWorks10/22

KFW 0.8775 Ruger 10/22 Federal HV Target

KFW  1.2595in

OCD Outdoors  1.46in Ruger10/22 Video Link

KFW  1.8645in

SixShooterTexan  1.875inVideo Link