22Ammo Testing – Down The Rabbit Hole

In this testing which I believe is going to be a long journey that I will try to keep update from time to time. Will be the videography of capturing what ammo shoots best with what rifle. In n attempt to ring out the best accuracy possible from these rifles. 

This could be a multi year journey, that I am looking forward to. This also could be an expensive journey which is how I came up with the title down the rabbit hole. If you have a specific ammo you want tested and are interested in, you can make a friendly donation here. with your request and I will get the ammo and present it back to you on video how cool is that.

Episode 1 LithgowLa101&CZ455Walther Barrel: Eley Tenex Test – Down The Rabbit Hole

Well I am officially down the rabbit hole.

This is the first episode of many to come with both of these rifles in 22LR.

Welcome to the Eley Tenex Edition!

What ammo next?


Episode 2

Lithgow LA101 & Surprise Rifle: Eley Match Down The Rabbit Hole

This is Episode 2 of ammo testing with the Lithgow and CZ455 with Walther Barrel. This time my buddy DM decided he wanted a piece of the action and wants to find out what shoots best in one of his rifles. Many are heralding this rifle as the most accurate 22LR ever built.

Episode 3

CZ455 Lothar Walther Barrel&ChristensenArms Ranger22: ELEY Match/CenterX TEST DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE

In Episode 3 of down the rabbit hole we break out a new rifle. The Christensen Arms Ranger 22. This is the first shots fired in what is guaranteed to be a Sub MOA 22 rifle.

After today’s outing with a little more breaking in I believe the rifle is capable of holding up to that guarantee.

See https://dayattherange.com for a soon to be full written review.



Episode 4


This is starting to evolve into more of a gopher hole ? but I am committed to shooting my way to the other side of this hole.

In Episode 4 after surprise visits by a Vudoo Sinister and Christensen Arms Ranger 22 in previous videos we are back to our base testing.

The LithgowLA101 and CZ455 with Lothar Walther barrel will be going head to head with Lapua CenterX. In unsupressed and suppressed test with the gemtech suppressor.

Further down the rabbit hole is there any end to this thing?

Stay Tuned : Next up something different in ammo SK Pistol Match

Episode 5

LITHGOWLA101: Fiocchi Official 320 TEST TreeFeller Pushed Me DOWN THE MANHOLE

TreeFeller recommended I try some Fiocchi320 and bet a steak dinner it would turn in the best group over what I have shot so far. Low and Behold it did. But I celebrate with mixed emotions, Fiocchi 320 is very hard to come buy. The vendor online that had this in stock only had 5 boxes everyone else was sold out. Not knowing when I would be able to get more I went ahead and purchased all 5 boxes not knowing if it would shoot or not. This is not due to the ammo shortage going on right now. Fiocchi 22LR (300 or 320) for me has always been hard to find.

This ammo turned in the best group ever at .328inch



Episode 6

CZ455 LW Barrel: Fiocchi Official 320 TEST TreeFeller Pushed Me DOWN THE MANHOLE

Out of all ammo tested so far the Lithgow and CZ455 turned in the best groups with Fiocchi 320

With CZ455 this ammo turned in a 0.292inch group.

Video correction — After looking at the video the suppressor group was measured incorrectly. The group should have been measured in this way. I unintentionally measured a shot that was from a previously shot group.

The correct group measurement is 0.547inches

Episode 7

CZ455 Lothar Walther Barrel & Harrell Tuner: Rabbit Hole Detour

This journey down the rabbit hole takes a detour, when I bring a stock CZ452 out to compete against the CZ455. No worries the Lithgow is coming back out with the Lapua Exact and we may just throw the Christensen Ranger 22 in the mix also.










Episode 8


The LithgowLA101 and CZ455 with Lothar Walther barrel will be going head to head with Lapua Xact. After watching this video you will have seen both rifles shoot and perform on the best ammunition offered from Eley and Lapua. Both of which are considered to be the premium 22LR ammunition manufacturers of today.

Ammunition Tested:

Eley Tenex EleyMatch

Lapua CenterX


Lapua Xact

Ammunition in the pipeline to be tested:

Lapua Midas+


SK Rifle Match

CCI Standard Velocity

Aquila SuperXtra Standard Velocity

Many contacted me about testing different brands of ammunition and wanting to donate to the cause for seeing the test.

Remington Golden Bullet

Subsonic SK Pistol Match

SK Pistol Match Special

Is ammunition soon to come from supporters. Those wishing to see ammunition tested or wanting to contribute to the efforts can do so at paypal.me/MrRevolverguy.



Episode 9





Episode 10&11

LITHGOWLA101&CZ455WALTHER BARREL: SK Pistol Match & SK Pistol Match Special