2024 Dayattherange Summer Rimfire Challenge

| June 28, 2024 | 14 Comments

Captain America Challenge

Download Target Here: Click >> Captain America Target << Here

Printing Instructions Very Important!



Challenge to run July 1 – September 30, 2024

Max points 100

Only 2 sighter shots allowed, 1 shot per target – 1 point per target 

We are making the scoring easy on this one.

Scoring is exactly as seen on the target. To receive a point value of 5 the shot must be totally inside the Blue Star Center. For those shots that break two rings higher score counts.





Leader Scoreboard






Andy L From Ga Vintage H&R M12 Unertl 85 & 5 Stars https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/6/
Andy L From Ga Vintage Win52B Lyman 82 & 3 Stars https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/6/
Andy L From Ga Vintage Win52B Lyman 82 & 2 Stars https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/6/
Walnut and Steel Vintage Win52D Redfield 3200 82 & 1 Star https://youtu.be/dfkp-WwuAl0
Mike Hewitt Vintage Stevens 417 and a 16X Redfield 3200 81 & 2 Stars https://youtu.be/3BjG5C-qRpE
Mr.Revolverguy Vintage Remington 40XB Lapua Pistol OSP 78 & 2 Stars https://youtu.be/kmzQDQDXXqc
Jim Davis Vintage Win52Pre A Midas+ 78 https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/4/
Mr.Revolverguy Vintage Brno Model 4 Target 73 & 2 Stars https://youtu.be/wW6e1Lvio2M
Cervus-Venator Vintage Revelation 110 WesternAuto 63 https://youtu.be/XOLrrmourcE
Mrs. Leo45 Semi-Auto They Grey Sniper Reaper 10/22 Threaded Receiver 85 & 5 Stars https://youtu.be/_DzIW8__Vxg
Ball Bustin Bill 😁 Semi-Auto Kidd 10/22 82 & 5 Stars https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/12/
Cervus-Venator Semi-Auto Ruger 10/22 82 & 5 Stars https://youtu.be/M9aiab7-jmg
The GunSlinger Semi-Auto SavageA22 Midas+ 82 & 4 Stars https://youtu.be/PbGKOAwnSa8
Damin Grail Semi-Auto Kidd 10/22 79 & 2 Stars https://youtu.be/fE6WmIKzE3g
NoPro Semi-Auto Ruger 10/22 KSA Bull Barrel Victor Titan Stock 79 https://youtu.be/_O_iQQeyh6U?si=qYslVEQM1B5UN9Xj
Mr.Revolverguy Semi-Auto 10/22 Takedown EC2 Tuner 77 https://youtu.be/_DzIW8__Vxg
Cervus-Venator Semi-Auto Ruger 10/22 75 & 1 Star https://youtu.be/M9aiab7-jmg
Mr.Revolverguy Semi-Auto Ruger 10/22 Grey Reaper 72 https://youtu.be/A1-GM_obkxE
Zenmaster Semi-Auto 10/22 Black Mamba 63 & 2 Stars https://youtu.be/_DzIW8__Vxg
Alyssa Semi-Auto Ruger 10/22 Beat the pants off BFoxx 😁 46 https://youtu.be/6rUNbxyn4MQ
B-Wint Semi-Auto 10/22 Black Mamba 37 https://youtu.be/_DzIW8__Vxg
BFox87 Semi-Auto Ruger 10/22 43 https://youtu.be/6rUNbxyn4MQ
NoPro Factory CZ457 Lapua CenterX 85 & 2 Stars https://youtu.be/OoJLiLjK5YM
NoPro Factory CZ457 84 & 5 Stars https://youtu.be/bQPFrCwbWkI
CB Chaves Factory Anschutz 64 Sporter 84 & 5 Stars https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/9/
Drpietrzak Factory Anschut 1761MSR 84 & 4 Stars https://youtu.be/dT-outlszWM
Jim Davis Factory Rem541-S 82 & 2 Stars https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/4/
Walnut and Steel Factory Anschutz 64 81 & 1 Star https://youtu.be/pf8xRtR5J7w
GeorgeInky Factory Anschutz 54 80 & 2 Stars https://youtu.be/GLmvwwePx1Y
Drpietrzak Factory CZ457 MTR Lapua Long Range 80 & 1 Star https://youtu.be/pu_6QpH82ls
BFox87 Factory Savage MKII SK Rifle Match 80 https://youtu.be/3Bc6OY0Wj38
Cam2hunt Factory CZ457 Lapua Long Range 79 & 1 Star https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/2/
Drpietrzak Factory Anschutz 1761 MSR SK Rifle Match 79 https://youtu.be/qWABujs74oc
BFox87 Factory Savage MKII Eley Team 79 https://youtu.be/3Bc6OY0Wj38
Cam2hunt Factory CZ457 Lapua Pistol OSP 76 https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/2/
Walnut and Steel Factory CZ452FS Riton Scope 76 https://youtu.be/euCng8_XpZU
SoFlo Precision Factory Bergara Carbon Fiber Barrel 75 & 2 Stars https://youtu.be/qtior28FLrw
BFox87 Factory Savage MKII Standard Plus 73 https://youtu.be/6rUNbxyn4MQ
KFW Factory CZ457 72 & 2 Stars https://youtu.be/pOGYRDLgeS8
Cervus Venator Factory Savage MKII 72 & 2 Stars https://youtu.be/cDB0QuyJPS8
HRFunk Factory Ruger Precision Rimfire 70 & 3 Stars https://youtu.be/SfwUpP80ZvU
BFox87 Factory Savage MKII Eley Club 69 https://youtu.be/3Bc6OY0Wj38
John Meehan Factory Ruger American SK High Velocity 33 https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/13/
Michael Kiefer Open CZ457 Lilja KRG 89 & 9 Stars https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/5/
Twenty Two Open Bergara B14r KI Precision Barrel 89 & 8 Stars https://youtu.be/9Q-iUUbkptE
Old Bohemian Open Stiller Action Shilen Barrel 87 & 8 Stars https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/8/
Twenty Two Open Bergara B14r KI Precision Barrel 87 & 8 Stars https://youtu.be/Fa4GLBJbZbo
The Gunslinger Open DPG Custom 86 & 6 Stars https://youtu.be/ri_LNyUdunM
Jim Davis Open 2500X Beautiful Root Beer Rifle 85 & 5 Stars https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/4/
Michael Kiefer Open CZ457 Lilja 84 & 4 Stars https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/4/
Hazzbro Open Tikka T1X KRG Bravo 84 & 4 Stars https://youtu.be/cKIXe21Fl9U
Thunderstorm Open Vudoo360 83 & 4 Stars https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/10/
Thunderstorm Open Vudoo 360 82 & 2 Stars https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/10/
Jim Davis Open Falcon 82 & 2 Stars https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/4/
D.A.G Open 2500X Blondie 81 & 2 Stars https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/11/
David Gardner Open Turbo CenterX 81 & 2 Stars https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/3/
Brendon Benson Open Anschutz 1710 SK 81 & 2 Stars https://youtu.be/j0-RYoL5Q0w
Michael47 Open DPG RimX 80 & 2 Stars https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/7/
David Gardner Open Vudoo Midas+ Amazing target shot between cease fires WOW 79 https://dayattherange.com/2024-dayattherange-summer-rimfire-challenge/3/
Damin Grail Open Bergara B14r KI Precision Barrel 78 & 2 Stars https://youtu.be/fE6WmIKzE3g

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14 Comments on "2024 Dayattherange Summer Rimfire Challenge"

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  1. CB Chaves says:

    Hello, I would like to join your challenges. I just have a few questions;

    1. How do I join the challenges?
    2. How do I submit my results?
    3. Will pictures of my rifle setup and target be enough? Or…
    4. Do I need to submit a video of me shooting? and another video of the target impact? (I’m not a YouTuber)
    5. How many attempts are allowed for this July challenge?

    Thank you,

  2. drpietrzak says:

    Nice shooting. I have enjoyed your challenges and look forward to this one!

  3. Cam says:

    Hmmmm, seems that I’m on the hook for the ammo consideration… Lol. We’ll see how my CZ 457 does with this one and the Lapua OSP. She did well “going fishing” with it.

  4. Bdfox87 says:

    Cb chaves click download target. the capitan America target in orange at the top. print it out run it at 50yards. send photos of targets and rifle too if you’d like, along with rifle model and ammo used to mr.revolverguy@dayattherange.com no video required I had all the same questions in the beginning. you can also submit again to better your score usually. I believe that’s all correct, have fun. we’d all be glad to have you

  5. CB Chaves says:

    Hi Bdfox87, Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. I really appreciate the help and welcome. I’m excited to try the challenge this week. good luck with the challenge and have a good one!

    Thanks again,

  6. Foonus says:

    Great results – but its apparent in some of the videos that people have printed the target with Printer settings set to “scale” “instead of “fit” – thus increasing the target size by 4%.
    You can see which shooters are doing it by the amount of blue around a perfect 5 shot or any that land exactly on the rings.
    Really enjoying this challenge – lets keep it honest folks!

  7. I know what you are trying to get it and I am going to believe it was totally innocent. Meaning I do not think you are being accusatory you were just trying to alert me and others on the right way to print the target. If someone did do this I am sure it was an honest mistake and this is how it could happen. I noticed printing on a Windows PC if you just leave things at the default settings it will choose fit to page and that is how it is meant to be displayed. If from a Mac or tablet it could be hit or miss as a default depending upon the user. If it is set to actual size it will make it some what larger the center will be .0130 larger. If someone wants to take advantage of a friendly competition that has a much higher calling and mission. I really feel sorry for that person and how miserable their life must be. I KNOW all the people here are honest and if it was done it was purely by mistake.

    Upon closer examination the blue changes .005 and the red rings change .0300 to larger. Again I am sure this is just an honest mistake. I will update the page to include print directions.

  8. Mlumir and talked this thru and sure enough he is right as it is based on the specific printer you have. I will be changing how the targets are done in the future to see if I can alleviate the slight differences based on printer though it may be tough. Just pay attention to the print instructions moving forward and if we all do it the same we should be good. I only have an HP and Epson printer to test with.

  9. Brendon says:

    Hi guys could someone tell me correct size of the bull or complete target as my printer just set to A4 I’m useless with tec thanks in advance 👍

  10. 0.03002 if you can’t do my directions as seen just hit advanced properties and set it. You will be really close don’t worry about it just get out and shoot and have fun.

  11. Brendon says:

    Thanks for once more I got it right 👍 ps just hit print off your link

  12. Overton says:

    I’m gonna have to get this printed off so I can get in on the action! I’ve got a few rifles to choose from. I believe I’ll use the absolute gem I picked up recently. While traveling in Iowa recently found what I consider to be the Holy Grail of Kimber Rifles, the Kimber model 82 All American Match, one of only 416 ever made. I saw Mr RevolverGuy shoot an 82G on the YouTube channel, which is what actually led me to this page. Sorry for the tangent, but rifles and competition excite me!

  13. It would be great to see if you can carve out some time and get in on the action I would love to see that All American shoot.

  14. george coleman says:

    keep them inside the blue come on man ! lol

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