2023 Halloweens Evil Pumpkin Smashing

| October 23, 2023 | 4 Comments

Mercury Redbone — Semi Auto

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4 Comments on "2023 Halloweens Evil Pumpkin Smashing"

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  1. george coleman says:

    the pumpkin target ptints out at 1 1/2 on the sighter pumpkin is that correct ? thanks in advance…george

  2. Joe says:

    Hi, just like to say. What enjoyable videos you make. I love your enthusiasm. You have some amazing guns.
    Im always looking for your videos.

    So I watched the video with the franken cz.
    The only thing that was cz was the receiver. No disrespect, but can you really call it a cz anymore?
    Wouldn’t you say that the barrel and chassis has a bigger role in the shot than the receiver.
    I don’t have the answer, but it’s really not a cz anymore. That’s probably why you call it the franken cz, I get it. It’s a beautiful gun. I’m not hating. I just don’t think it’s a cz anymore.
    Keep up the videos.

  3. Hammer thank you so much for the encouraging words. Honestly its why I call it franken cz LOL. It’s sort like my neighbor who has a beautiful 1968 Camaro he has been working on for 5 years that took it’s first journey this summer. Well it is an LS motor PLUS TURBO in it. Is it still a 1968 Camaro? Like you I do not have the answer BUT at the heart of the configuration is a CZ receiver, trigger, firing pin, springs etc.

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