2023 Halloweens Evil Pumpkin Smashing

| October 23, 2023 | 4 Comments

How Many Pumpkins Can You Smash?


Fun Challenge designed by Mr. Revolverguy

Link To Target: Pumpkin Smashing Time

Range — 50 Yards

Rules Of Engagement

  1. Most important have a lot of fun
  2. Shot at 50 yards
  3. Only 5 spotters allowed on the 2inch spotting pumpkin. Use them wisely we don’t have a lot of ammo or time to waste.
  4. One shot per Pumpkin count as 1 point, max score of 25
  5. Complete the challenge in 6minutes 30 seconds, this gives you 25seconds per target.

Tell your story by submitting your target and and pictures of your rifles. Additional information for the cool factor would be to include your state and or country you are from, REPRESENT you will get your own page dedicated specifically to you and your pictures.

submit your target and pictures to mr.revolverguy@dayattherange.com

Don’t Let Joe Fool Ya


My Man CV Says When You Get Overrun Let It All Hang Out

Boomstick Pulled Of The Unthinkable All At Once

Evil Pumpkins Are Over Running Our Position

Mercenary = 21-25 Hits

Sniper = 16-20 Hits

Sharpshooter = 11-15 Hits

Marksman = 0-10 Hits

Shooter Status/Pumpkins Smashed Rifle/Ammo Video
Jim Davis Mercenary/25 FalconBR/Midas+ https://dayattherange.com/?p=11687&page=4
Mike Panther Hollow Mercenary/25 RimX https://youtu.be/cgzfe9j4V8g
Mike Panther Hollow Mercenary/25 BergaraB14R https://youtu.be/l4RgMjhhyA8
Rimfiress Mercenary/25 CZ457 VPT/Lapua Long Range https://youtu.be/bm7P9tfE2sM
Rimfiress Mercenary/24 CZ457 VPT/SK Semi Auto https://youtu.be/bm7P9tfE2sM
Cyclops Joe Mercenary/24 Desert Precision RimX https://youtu.be/uks2caU0Fqk
Jim Davis Mercenary/24 Remington 541/S/Midas+ https://dayattherange.com/?p=11687&page=4
F-Class John Mercenary/24    
Krebs Mercenary/24 Vudoo/CenterX https://dayattherange.com/?p=11687&page=2
Ryan/Brotuned Mercenary/24 CZ457LRP https://youtu.be/dpINpu65-aA
cam2hunt Mercenary/24 CZ457/SK Rifle Match https://dayattherange.com/?p=11687&page=3
F-Class John Mercenary/23 RimX https://www.youtube.com/@FClassJohn
Jason Velenosi Mercenary/23 CZ457MTR https://youtu.be/YiQ4TROxRsU
Rimfire Ultra Mercenary/23 Vudoo/SK Standard https://youtu.be/8q-yXuKau5A
GeorgeInky Mercenary/23 Anschutz54 https://youtu.be/oxcHDAA6fIk
Mr.Revolverguy Mercenary/23 RimX DPG/Midas+ https://youtu.be/Kt31kvRYLnk
cam2hunt Mercenary/22 Bergara/SK Rifle Match https://dayattherange.com/?p=11687&page=3
Kirk Whiting Mercenary/22 CZ457 Pro https://dayattherange.com/?p=11687&page=6
Hazzbro Mercenary/22 CZ457/SK Rifle Match https://youtu.be/0p0g8ICdLYM
Mr.Revolverguy Mercenary/21 Win52B/Biathlon+ https://youtu.be/VoLIaf-8M94
Hazzbro Mercenary/21 CZ457/Lapua Super Long Range https://youtu.be/yIS2G63wwds
Mr.Revolverguy Sniper/20 RimX/Midas+ https://youtu.be/49TlAIJrwrQ
Ron Martinsen Sniper/20   https://www.youtube.com/@ronmartblog/videos
Cyclops Joe Sniper/20 Anschutz54/RWS Special Match https://youtu.be/vY0krWGEBpw
Mike Hewitt Sniper/20 BergaraB14R/SK Pistol Match https://youtu.be/dRHoDbbJ3JU
Jim Davis Sniper/20 BRNO https://dayattherange.com/?p=11687&page=4
Long Rifle Sniper/20 B14R/SK Pistol Match https://youtu.be/dRHoDbbJ3JU
Nibs Sniper/19 Anschutz1827 https://youtu.be/r9YbXjLWtZk
Kpet Sniper/19 CZ457 At-One https://dayattherange.com/?p=11687&page=8
Nibs Sniper/19 Win52D/Wolf https://youtu.be/LZBjAaAzxoo
Mr.Revolverguy Sniper/17 Winchester52C https://youtu.be/tWt3I6G6M3Y
22 Ultra Rimfire Sharpshooter/15 Winchester 52C https://youtu.be/CrIkIvq86dQ
CervusV Sharpshooter/15 Ruger 10/22 https://youtu.be/kBfa4rwpimg
22 Ways Sharpshooter/15 Ruger 10/22 Kidd Barrel https://youtu.be/PrV3wuzADuo
Tom A Marksman/10 RPR Eley Target https://dayattherange.com/?p=11687&page=9
Mercury Redbone Marksman/9 Winchester 9422 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11687&page=7
Tom A Marksman/8 RPR SK Pistol Match https://dayattherange.com/?p=11687&page=9
Mercury Redbone Marksman/6 Ruger 10/22 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11687&page=7
22 Ways Marksman/5 Magnum Research 10/22 https://youtu.be/PrV3wuzADuo

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4 Comments on "2023 Halloweens Evil Pumpkin Smashing"

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  1. george coleman says:

    the pumpkin target ptints out at 1 1/2 on the sighter pumpkin is that correct ? thanks in advance…george

  2. Joe says:

    Hi, just like to say. What enjoyable videos you make. I love your enthusiasm. You have some amazing guns.
    Im always looking for your videos.

    So I watched the video with the franken cz.
    The only thing that was cz was the receiver. No disrespect, but can you really call it a cz anymore?
    Wouldn’t you say that the barrel and chassis has a bigger role in the shot than the receiver.
    I don’t have the answer, but it’s really not a cz anymore. That’s probably why you call it the franken cz, I get it. It’s a beautiful gun. I’m not hating. I just don’t think it’s a cz anymore.
    Keep up the videos.

  3. Hammer thank you so much for the encouraging words. Honestly its why I call it franken cz LOL. It’s sort like my neighbor who has a beautiful 1968 Camaro he has been working on for 5 years that took it’s first journey this summer. Well it is an LS motor PLUS TURBO in it. Is it still a 1968 Camaro? Like you I do not have the answer BUT at the heart of the configuration is a CZ receiver, trigger, firing pin, springs etc.

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