2023 Grinchmas Challenge

| November 26, 2023 | 2 Comments

Help This Family See Santa This Year

Ya know I don’t think my family has been as nice to me this year as they should have. So I have informed Santa to bring coals for everyone to my home. There are two ways in which you can help. 

  1. Get over 100 users world wide shooting this challenge so send it to everyone you know.
  2. Whom ever in this family shoots above an 85 score Santa will visit them.


LINK TO TARGET: Grinchmas Target Have You Been Naughty Or Nice



  1. Most important have fun and ask others to join the challenge
  2. Distance 50 yards
  3. Only 20 rounds in total can be used on this target including spotters
  4. Take out as many bulbs/ornaments as you can with 20 shots.
  5. Shot with rimfire — NO SHOTGUNS or tannerite boomstick LOL

Tell your story by submitting your target and and pictures of your rifles. Additional information for the cool factor would be to include your state and or country you are from, REPRESENT you will get your own page dedicated specifically to you and your pictures.

submit your target and pictures to mr.revolverguy@dayattherange.com

Let’s Get It Started



Rifle Ammo



Jim Davis Open Falcon Midas + 100/17 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11942&page=2
Jim Davis Open Big Red Midas + 100/17 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11942&page=2
Jerry V Open CZ457 MDT Chassis 100/20 https://youtu.be/XfvNMaE2UQE
Gary Meyer Open Vudoo 360 100/20 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11942&page=13
Michael47 Open Vudoo 360 95 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11942&page=9
Cam2Hunt Open Modacam B14R 95/19 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11942&page=5
Cyclops Joe Open DPG RimX 86 https://youtu.be/s_k5nbu-sMc
Luiz Franca Open CZ457 At-One Timney ASE Ultra Suppressor 75 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11942&page=3
Mike Hewitt Open Bergara B14R TriggerTech 75 https://youtu.be/KgX3XKWqTis
Redneck Open Vudoo 360 Modacam 68 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11942&page=10
John Big Red Open Tikka T1X KRG Bravo 66 https://youtu.be/ChMlrJ2L_fc
Precision Rifle Network Open VudooGen1 DPG Barrel PDC Custom Chassis 65 https://youtu.be/mva3Q8arnK8
Zenmaster Open CZ457 MDT XRS – Rectify Gunsmithing 60 https://youtu.be/SQuzb2uguMU
Mr.Revolverguy Open CZ457 MDT XRS – Rectify Gunsmithing 48 https://youtu.be/Hu3E5HfuVUM
RimfireSS Semi-Auto Powder River Precision 100/19 https://youtu.be/VJzYdM8uvnQ
Hazzbro Semi-Auto 10/22 Green Mountain 96 https://youtu.be/6ccJFif3f2g
Mr.Revolverguy Semi-Auto Clark 10/22 86 https://youtu.be/bTXzeOXKDWk
Lenny Carlo Semi-Auto 10/22 Kidd Barrel 81 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11942&page=4
KFW Semi-Auto 10/22 Summit Precision 65 https://youtu.be/5oaTMK2O_lA
Cervus-Venator Semi-Auto 10/22 Suppressed 57 https://youtu.be/dDfPsHIlb04
Gary Meyer Vintage Winchester52 Remake 90 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11942&page=13
Nibs Vintage Winchester 52D 90 https://youtu.be/8qGx7I9McWw
Nibs Vintage Remington 37 90 https://youtu.be/P7EuxtI649Q
Christopher Fox Vintage Winchester 52D 90 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11942&page=6
Mr.Revolverguy Vintage Winchester 52D 85 https://youtu.be/kZ0n6hQMid8
Lenny Carlo Factory CZ457 MTR 100/20 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11942&page=4
Hazzbro Factory CZ457 At-One 100/20 https://youtu.be/7dakR8MrEZM
KPetz Factory CZ457 At One 83 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11942&page=14
Cam2hunt Factory Bergara B-14R Carbon 80 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11942&page=5
Sonny Villagomez Factory Bergara BMR Carbon SK Rifle Match 78 https://youtu.be/J7eksVXAQpc
Dan Helton Factory CZ 453 53 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11942&page=12
Mr.Revolverguy Factory Savage MKII TR 50 https://youtu.be/P7EuxtI649Q
DC Factory Tikka T1X 50 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11942&page=11
Art Borchers Factory CZ457 At One 48 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11942&page=8
Chadd Fry Factory Savage MKII 45 https://dayattherange.com/?p=11942&page=7
Mike Hewitt Factory Savage B22 38 https://youtu.be/qILUCjGlEKs
AussieBenchrest Factory Sako P94S 33 https://youtu.be/jxmomnD34Fo
243Outdoors Factory Ruger Precision Rimfire 30 https://youtu.be/Qyw49VLxIII
Cervus-Venator Factory Ruger LVT 30 https://youtu.be/UBhsHtqKl8E

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2 Comments on "2023 Grinchmas Challenge"

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  1. Ralph says:

    Hello Sir I just want to thank You for all you do. Because I stumbled onto 1 of your videos I have now as you often say “gone down the rabbit hole” and now own 2 precision 22 rifles. Always truly appreciate the challenge targets. Please keep up the good work you do! I was very pleased to see your new savage mark 2 because as you said we cannot all afford a Rimex or vudu. Thanks again Ralph

  2. Bob says:

    You have a great voice and personality for videos. I luv the targets and usually shoot them at 25yds with my RPR. I will give this target a try with my Ruger Precision 22 lr rifle 50 yds. Mine should be called Ruger plinker. Might get a descent score at 25 yds but doubtful at 50 yds. I think my Savage MKII shoots better than the Ruger, maybe I should trade scopes and see what it can do (MKII has 2-7x scope). Luv your targets and video’s!!! keep up the good work.

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