2023 Fly Swatting Challenge

| July 17, 2023 | 31 Comments

Who Is The Best Fly Mercenary With The Best Fly Swatting Rifle














Fun challenge designed by Mr. Harry and tested by Mr. Charlie

Link To Target: Fly Target

Range — 50 Yards

Rules Of Engagement

  1. Most important have a lot of fun
  2. Shot at 50 yards
  3. Shoot as many spotters as you like above the line.
  4. One shot per fly and you MUST have a body shot for it to count as 1 point.
  5. Complete the challenge in 5 minutes.


Like the previous challenge/callout tell your story by submitting your target and and pictures of your rifles. Additional information for the cool factor would be to include your state and or country you are from, REPRESENT you will get your own page dedicated specifically to you and your pictures.

Let’s Get Out And Bust Some Flies

Submit this info by email to mr.revolverguy at dayattherange.com

Fly Mercenary Leaderboard

Mercenary = 21-25 Hits

Sniper = 16-20 Hits

Sharpshooter = 11-15 Hits

Marksman = 0-10 Hits

Shooter Qualification Status Rifle Ammo Flies Busted Rifle / Notes Video
Panther Hollow Mercenary RimX Mcgowan Barrell CenterX 25 Total Clean Including Spotters https://youtu.be/AcFDaleZOUc
Jim Davis Mercenary Falcon Benchrest Broughton Barrel Lapua Midas + 25  Clean Plus 4 Spotters Beautiful Rifle https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=4
Charlie Guest Of Honor   CZ452 Eley Match  25  How fitting My Man Way To Go https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=12
RimfireSS Mercenary CZ457/Lilja SK Rifle Match 25 Wow is it a 25 or 29 LOL this dude only missed one spotter while at it.  https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=14
Eagle Eye Mercenary Grey Birch LDR 10/22 DPGunworks custom Lapua Long Range 25 Preferred Barrel 22″ https://youtu.be/eEGAT3itJVI
Valdada Crusader 2 5-40×56
Nevius chamber
Jim Davis Mercenary Falcon Benchrest Broughton Barrel Lapua Midas + 24  Plus 5 Spotters https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=4
Mike C Panther Hollow Mercenary RimX SK Rifle Match 24 RimX Mcgowan Barrel https://youtu.be/-i0LmsQgDtY
RimfireSS Mercenary CZ457/Lilja Lapua Long Range 24   https://youtu.be/TkrBy4GFcoc
Redneck Rimfire Mercenary Vudoo Lapua Long Range 24 Modacam Custom Rifles https://youtu.be/whq0ECVslUs
C Beck Mercenary Vudoo Custom Lapua Long Range 24 Modacam Custom Rifle https://youtu.be/n7XnBdyYHic
XRing Mercenary Sako Quad Eley Match 23 MRG holy grail rifle. He did this to torture me https://youtu.be/rbTabTmAsDk
Eagle Eye Mercenary Vudoo Lapua Long Range 23 Rifle built by Desert Precision Gunworks https://youtu.be/mTKa4afsigc
Longshot Larry Mercenary 2500X RWS Rifle Match 23   https://youtu.be/zxiUpRVSd10
Jim Basile Mercenary Vudoo CenterX 23   https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=16
Jim Davis Mercenary Remington 541S Lapua Midas + 22   https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=4
Joe Loehle Mercenary Vudoo Gen1/Kreiger   22   https://youtu.be/RmgHEZ1pxuc
Jim Davis Mercenary Winchester52 Pre A Lapua Midas + 22 One Of The Most Beautiful Rifles I have seen https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=4
Kpet Mercenary CZ457 At One Norma Match 22   https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=21
Hazzbro1964 Mercenary CZ457 AT-One RWS R50 21   https://youtu.be/bLA257AtIOE
James Basile Mercenary Lithgow LA101 CenterX 21   https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=16
Michael Jennings Mercenary RimX Lapua CenterX 21 Rifle built by Desert Precision Gunworks  
Treefeller Mercenary Vudoo Eley Match 21 Australia  https://youtu.be/WDq4j7QBj9w
Brendon Benson Mercenary 1710XLR RWS R50 21   2023 Fly Swatting Challenge | Day At The Range – Part 2
Jason G Mercenary RimX Lapua Long Range 21 Rifle built by Desert Precision Gunworks https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=3
Derek Sigmon Mercenary Vudoo360 SK Pistol Match 21   https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=6
Charlie Guest Of Honor Sniper CZ452 Eley Match  20   https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=12
Michael Jennings Sniper Vudoo SK StandardPlus 20    
Michael Jennings Sniper RimX Lapua CenterX 20 Rifle built by Desert Precision Gunworks  
Brendon Benson Sniper Anschutz Kelby Sk Long Range Match 20   https://youtu.be/rElp97_XJd8
Harry The Inventor Sniper CZ457 MTR Eley Match 20   https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=2
Ryan/Brotuned Sniper CZ457/IBI CenterX 20   https://youtu.be/4aR3vgSjNgM
William D Sniper Tikka T1X SK Rifle Match 20   https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=13
RimfireSS Sniper 10/22 Green  Mountain Lapua Long Range 19   https://youtu.be/TkrBy4GFcoc
Josh Peursuit Of Accuracy Sniper B14R MLR Eley Match 19   https://youtu.be/i5RAxF9nIKU
Redneck Rimfire Sniper Vudoo Midas+ 19   https://youtu.be/AF2gqn7VZgY
22WaysOutdoors Sniper Tikka T1X SK Standard Plus 19   https://youtu.be/XKzfJXeJ_Y0
Jason Velenosi Sniper CZ457 MTR Midas Plus 18   https://youtu.be/FqF6Yb5_XLU
Walnut and Steel/Nibs Sniper Win52D Vintage Lapua Master 18 Classic Military Trainer https://youtu.be/65g_iMepxLA
Matt/Womfat Sniper Vudoo/Shilen Barrel Eley Match 18 Rifle built by Desert Precision Gunworks https://youtu.be/jdc3byRtsmo
Ryan/Brotuned Sniper CZ457/IBI Eley Match 18   https://youtu.be/uAMUJ_SOH4U
Redneck Rimfire Sniper CZ457/Lilja Midas+ 18   https://youtu.be/QhkuZjPQ0NI
Mr.Revolverguy Sniper CZ452 Lapua Long Range 18 Factory Rifle – Possible 20 but I grade myself tougher lol https://youtu.be/UylDssBd120
Kirk Whittaker Sniper CZ 457 Pro Varmint SK Pistol Match 18   https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=7
Ken Bell Sniper CZ457 LRP Lapua Midas+ 18 Ontario Canada https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=10
Trevor Hawkins Sniper BergaraB14 SK Rifle Match  18   https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=11
SoFlo Precision Sniper BergaraBMR CenterX 17   https://youtu.be/9aoKAXeRMp8
David King Sniper Ruger 10/22 CenterX 17 Keystone Barrel https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=18
Walnut and Steel/Nibs Sniper H&R M12 Federal Auto Match 17   https://youtu.be/LsRMpK2Ime0
Little Hawk Sniper Grey Birch LDR 10/22 DPGunworks custom Lapua Long Range 17 Preferred Barrel 22″ https://youtu.be/eEGAT3itJVI
Valdada Crusader 2 5-40×56
Nevius chamber
Foster Price Sniper CZ457 Norma Tac22 17 Factory Rifle/New Zealand https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=9
Andy Hunts Sniper CZ457 SK Plus 17   https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=8
Mike Hewitt Sniper RPR SK Pistol Match 16   https://youtu.be/nUZ-PcbZDkc
BA/Boris Sniper Ruger 10/22 SK Long Range 16   https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=20
Chadd Fry Sniper Savage MKII Eley Match 16 Factory Rifle New Jersey https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=15
Walnut and Steel/Nibs Sniper Anschutz 1827 Wolf Match Target 16   https://youtu.be/hyY2n4_KqRs
Dave Pickering Sniper Grey Birch LDR 10/22 DPGunworks custom Lapua Long Range 16 Preferred Barrel 22″ https://youtu.be/eEGAT3itJVI
Valdada Crusader 2 5-40×56
Nevius chamber
Todd Sniper 10/22 Kidd SK Plus 16   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF9f3HoboMs
J Diddy Sniper CZ457/Lilja SK Plus 16   https://dayattherange.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/fly-swatter-JDiddy.pdf
LennyCarlo Sniper 10/22Kidd SK Long 16   https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=5
CervusV Sniper 10/22Ruger Lapua Exact 16   https://youtu.be/SScKBZH0H1g
William D  Sharpshooter  Tikka T1X CCI SV 15   https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=13
RimfireSS  Sharpshooter  10/22 Green  Mountain Norma Tac22 15   https://youtu.be/TkrBy4GFcoc
Kolan  Sharpshooter  Vudoo/IBI SK Long Range 15 Go Ballistics Gunsmithing https://youtu.be/jdc3byRtsmo
Mike Hewitt  Sharpshooter  Bergara B14R SK Pistol match Special 15   https://youtu.be/sdZ5Vrz98ms
22WaysOutdoors  Sharpshooter  10/22 Kidd RWS R50 15    
Walnut and Steel/Nibs  Sharpshooter  Anschutz 1827 Lapua Midas+ 15   https://youtu.be/IAPSmHGw754
Redneck Rimfire  Sharpshooter  CZ457/Lilja Lapua Long Range 14   https://youtu.be/QhkuZjPQ0NI
Boomstickrevenge  Sharpshooter  Tikka T1X Lapua Xact 14   https://youtu.be/-PaBAVjDP9w
243 Outdoors  Sharpshooter  Ruger Precision Eley Club 13   https://youtu.be/0YuhhuKp-7Q
Brendon Benson  Sharpshooter  1710XLR SK Long Range 13   https://youtu.be/kxOk505nj34
Mark Millard  Sharpshooter  Tikka T1X Norma Tac22 12 Very Windy Out Of The UK – I am amazed he hint anything https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsI6GjMEMow
22WaysOutdoors  Sharpshooter  CZ457 MTR SK Standard Plus 12 Shot In A Mosquito Swarm LOL https://youtu.be/ZJ7OL2viZ-g
Mike Hewitt  Sharpshooter  Savage B22 SK Pistol match Special 12   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0V0Aq228Yaw
Boomstickrevenge  Sharpshooter  CZ512 Eley Match Special 11   https://youtu.be/TkHlav9EuPc
Mr.Revolverguy Sharpshooter Tikka T1X Wolf Match Extra 11 SRG 9mm Suppressor https://youtu.be/ny3kkmEAISg
Collin H Marksman Vudoo/Ace SK Long Range 10 Vudoo https://youtu.be/jdc3byRtsmo
Josh Peursuit Of Accuracy/Daughter Marksman CZ457 Eley Match 10   https://youtu.be/i5RAxF9nIKU
Brotuned/Son Marksman CZ457/IBI Eley Match 10   https://youtu.be/2AgSGxrT5Fk
John P/Big Red Marksman Tikka T1X Wolf Match Extra 9   https://youtu.be/U7v2sMRZc5M
Sissy Marksman 10/22/Kidd SK Plus 9   https://youtu.be/8IeNbeUdc_c
243 Outdoors Marksman Ruger Precision Eley Club 9   https://youtu.be/9el0fnmbfKs
Mercury Redbone Marksman Ruger 10/22 Sk Match 9 Shot of bags https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=19
Art Borchers Marksman CZ457 NormaTac22 9    
Dave Ramshed Marksman Sako Quad Norma Tac22 8 Shocked Dave hit anything in this wind/UK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qSSeTC5-qw
Mrs. 243 Outdoors Marksman Ruger Precision Eley Club 8   https://youtu.be/9el0fnmbfKs
KFW Marksman Ruger 10/22 SK Semi Auto 8   https://youtu.be/5SlDpF8isDQ
Walnut and Steel/Nibs Marksman 1941 Stevens Geco Match 7 Classic Military Trainer https://youtu.be/Vz8Y8mWWVNM
Mercury Redbone Marksman Ruger 10/22 Aquila SV 5 Shot of bags https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=19
Mr.Revolverguy Marksman CZ452 Varmint CCI GreenTag 5 CZ452 https://youtu.be/L6EMYdtNIi4
Alex Marksman Tikka T1X CCI STD 5   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF9f3HoboMs
John Stellingwerf Marksman CZ457 Norma Match 3   https://dayattherange.com/?p=11278&page=17

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31 Comments on "2023 Fly Swatting Challenge"

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  1. Brendon Frank Benson says:

    Great fun challenge again but do we get bonus points if we manage to shoot a real fly on film

  2. I think that is worthy of 10points itself LOL

  3. Thanks for coming up with this fun challenge Elija! Keep our community connected and competitive. I always look forward to these challenges and love seeing more and more people joining in.

  4. Nibs says:

    Tons of fun! not as easy as it looks!

  5. Way harder than I thought it would be.

  6. john jiracek says:

    Hi, How do I get ahold of some of the fly swatter challenge targets? Thank You, John

  7. Ray says:

    Awesome challenge Elijah! Thanks for putting it out there.
    Best regards,

  8. Ray thanks for competing and always setting the bar high.

  9. Thanks again for the challenge. Lots of fun an shit talking among the buddy’s.

    P.S. Ray your going down 🤣

  10. LOL hilarious but it won’t be funny when my secret project is launched

  11. Ken Stirling says:

    Hi All,
    Can you please advise what the printing size of the target is ?



  12. Ken download the target and print on a regular size piece of paper.

  13. Redneck rimfire says:

    Oh Kenny showed up to the party 🤣🤣

  14. Eagle Eye says:

    O just wait till I try again. Imma try this challenge with a williams aparature sight Marlin 39a

  15. now that will be interesting

  16. Foster says:

    Hello. Great challenge. Hey how about starting z thread at Rimfire Central, I’d love to chat to others about rifles, ammo and strategy for this challenge . . .

    Kind Regards

  17. The challenge is going strong and fun is being had by all.

    As ambassadors of this great sport/past time however you see it, we have a responsibility to preserve what we love doing. Let’s not tear each other down, now is the time we need to be stronger than ever as a community. There are already many from outside of our community wishing to see us crumble. We are so much stronger when we are united.

    If that is not enough of a reminder for us remember this challenge is for fun but most important for my friend Charlie. I really wanted to give him something fun to watch as he is going through a very challenging time in his life at the moment. Let this challenge and our comments reflect this spirit, there is a greater cause here.

    Thank you all let’s keep the fun rolling and introduce someone to Fly Swatting.

  18. charles irby says:

    “Thanks Eli for hosting Harry’s ‘FLYSWATTER CHALLENGE’ … Harry has done all the ‘CAD Work’ to make an attractive target look it’s best and to make it a tough challenge by the actual target size of the fly’s body ( .400″- tall… X …aprox .204”- wide… if your hitting body, you are getting shots off that are less than 1 MOA vertically. This alone gives a fella confidence in the rig he has built or worked on so hard and so long.
    This has been a real kick in the pants requiring 25 perfect shots ‘IN A ROW’ … and that FACT alone makes the difficulty factor go up immensely. (Anyone remember the first ’25’ patch they received shooting trap or skeet? That was tough.) GOTTA GET MENTALLY TOUGH!
    I like it when I ‘fail’ in the first row at the top…at that point I just make the card a ‘training session’ with the wind call that’s appropriate. Wind is the other EGO CRUSHER … a mistake of 1/2 diameter of the projectile’s OD left or right from an over/under estimate of the wind will leave you with a ‘wounded’ wing or leg and that is a ‘MISS’ in this game..!
    These ‘1/2 size’ – BABY FLIES are ‘really tough!’ “NOBODY HAS CLEANED THIS CARD!”
    Can’t wait to see how this new ‘BABY FLY TARGET’ will be received?
    Best of Luck & Skill to all…charlie

  19. What you think Charlie are they ready for the smallER flies or 100 yard challenge with the big flies?

  20. charles irby says:

    >What you think Charlie are they ready for the smallER flies?<
    I WOULD SAY YES, ESPECIALLY FOR THEM THAT HAVE 'CLEAN-SHOT' THESE-25 – 'LARGE FLY TARGETS' … After that – – – open the 100 yard bench to the Large flies and look again for the first shooter to clean that card.
    It's been argued over on RimfireCentral that when you go from 50 yds. to 100 yds. your fliers & group sizes 'go-up/grow-up' in size by aprox. .66% not just the '50% farther factor' and difficulty of doubling the distance & for some it's more difficult in DOPING the WIND @100 yds.
    "However you release it…it'll be just right Eli…BEST OF LUCK & SKILL TO ALL…charlie"

  21. Chadd Fry says:

    Keep these challenges coming! I really enjoy seeing all the related YouTube videos, and the sense of community brings a much needed positive vibe to the sport. Spread the peace and love!

  22. This comment is truly an uplift. Yes it is great to see the challenge doing well but your comment on sense of community — you absolutely get it. Thanks you for participating.

  23. William D says:

    Thanks so much for this challenge Elijah… It really made breaking out the ole 22lr challenging and fun! I’m going to give a +1 to Chadd’s comment about the community……absolutely spread the love of the sport and just go out and have fun shooting. The way I see it…A bad day at the range is still a better day than most people have! Great Shooting Everyone & All the Best!

  24. Nibs Carter says:

    Next submission for the flyswatter challenge

    @Dayattherange Flyswatter challenge 1937 Remington model 37 with Balvar 24 scope Wolf match target

  25. Bill Watson says:

    I sent you a pic of my target and the rifle I shot it with and have not seen any results. Does it take a while for you to post things?

    Bill Watson

  26. I have not seen it and it is not in my Junk mail Bill

  27. Rodger Kunkle says:

    I tried the challenge at 100 yards with a .308. Managed 9 hits, well one was a sighter so really it was 8. I had to take longer than 5 minutes though. I shot the 5 sighters and 10 targets the had to let the barrel cool off for 5 minutes. Then finished off the card. Total time was around 10 minutes. Cool challenge.

  28. Ward Barnes says:

    I will propose the Flysawtter Challenge to our club as either a fun shoot or a match to compete as part of the club matches. Hum… maybe a patch could be made …

  29. That would be awesome!!! Let me know.

  30. Heltau says:

    I thought it was to use the Bug Assault 3.0.
    Should have know it was with real fire power and bigger scopes.

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