2022 Colt Anaconda & Wilson Combat Sights — Apology Given

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The Honey Moon Phase

Let me start out by saying I was wrong about Bill Wilson. I think we all have heard a fool and his money are easily parted. Honestly I was so excited about the new release of the Anaconda, in my eye it was just about perfect. I then saw a video with Mr. Wilson and Hackathorn saying they too love the new design but the rear sight leaves a lot to be desired. Keep in mind this video was prior to the announcement of new rear sights for sale. I immediately thought these guys take me for a FOOL, I didn’t even watch the video all the way through, even predicted they would be selling sights. That Monday I went to work and collaborated with a coworker who also purchased the 2020 Anaconda and we both laughed. I think his words were devils with a silver tongue trying to separate us from our money. He said watch I bet they will be offering sights soon.

Then just a few short days later there is a big announcement from Wilson about brand new rear sights and we laughed even harder. Though I was a little upset that Bill and Ken would bash Colt to sell his product. I mean I felt they could have easily said we have an improved design. That day I came home and really focused on the factory rear sight and quickly realized I was wrong mainly because I was still in the honeymoon phase with this revolver. I noticed a couple of things

1) The allen screw from the factory was not screwed in all the way therefor causing it to be loose in the groove.
2) I notice that the fit to frame was a little loose and I could fit a .004 feeler gauge between the side of the sight and milled slot it fits into.
3) I also noticed that the rear sight was very spongy easily to move up and down with your finger. This lead me to ask is this thing fragile, now its time for a comparison.

Time For A Closer Look

Out come the calipers and the 44 Magnums for a closer comparison.
1) Ruger Redhawk nice fit but really thin rear blade I was shocked measuring at .0405 seems like it is one bump away from being bent — it won’t take much.


How Does the S&W Classic Deluxe Compare

2) S&W 629 Deluxe probably the best design with the tightest fit to frame because it is screwed in, yet still the blade was very thin at .0555


Wait Can the S&W Performance Center Do A better Job?

3) S&W 629 Competitor Performance Center. I wanted to look at this revolver because it is fitted with LPA sights from the factory and what I have always believed to be some of the best sights out there. The fit is nice and tight and even though pinned there is no side to side movement. Very firm clicks for windage and elevation and I absolutely love the white markings. The rear blade carries a thickness of .0870


2022 Colt Anaconda Factory Sights

4) 2022 Colt Anaconda — The factory original rear sights were loose to fit easily moved from side to side and to my surprise also up and down the spring seemed to be very week. The rear sight measured in at .0770 thickness. I noticed also the red ramped front sight seemed to be a little thin for the rear sight, there was a lot of daylight on each side making it a little harder to get perfect sight picture.


Wilson Combat Perfect Match To The Anaconda

Ok so yes I ordered the Wilson rear sights. These sights came with everything you need to replace the rear sight except for a hammer and punch. It had an extra pin just in case you lose the original, and a new stiffer spring. Ok I guess I am the fool or better yet so in love with with gold bead front sights that I ordered the Wilson front sight also. Colt at least got this absolutely right, to replace both took me about 5 minutes not being in a rush. The front sight is held in by a little allen screw very nice design. The new Wilson rear sight measured .0990 the thickest and more robust of them all. The coolest thing about the Wilson sights is that they fit both the Python and Anaconda. For the 44 I chose the square notch rear sight and the gold bead front is just a perfect match. Nice even light can be seen when lining up the front and rear sight easily to detect that you have a perfect sight picture.


The Honey Moon Is Over Any Warts With The Wilson Combat Sights?

Ensuring not to make the same honeymoon mistake I made originally. I evaluated these sight a number of times before heading to the range. this sight would be perfect if it was marked with white outlines like the LPA on the S&W Competitor. It is also missing any right to left marking on the rear sight which could have been easily put on top where Wilson Combat is stamped. But make no mistake they are much better than the factory, robustness and quality is top notch and I Love Them.


My First Range Session with the Wilson Combat Anaconda Sights with an Apology

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