10MM Safety Announcement

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Don’t Make 10MM Something It Is Not

First I am a big 10MM fan, the 10MM is one of my favorite cartridges. I am forever grateful to the likes of Jeff Cooper, Tom Dornaus and Mike Dixon. Without these gentlemen the 10MM would not be in existence today. As odd as it may seem the 10MM’s power was almost the cause of it’s demise. Though over the past 8 years we have seen a huge resurgence in it’s popularity. I have even seen Millennial’s and Gen Z’ers gravitating towards 10MM, what I thought was the old people round. And there you have the reason for this service announcement. 

10MM Fan Club Don’t Kick Me Out Yet

Here lately I have been seeing more and more accidents with 10MM. Every single one of these accidents were driven by those fascinated by 10MM power. If it is reading online, watching video’s or seeing it live. It all begins with statements like, 41Magnum power in a semi-auto,  I can reload 10MM to 44Magnum power. AND FRANKLY neither of these are trueNow hold on before anyone get’s their feelings hurt. Can you reach 41Magnum and 44Magnum foot pounds of pressure SURE YOU CAN. Is it wise and safe to you and others around you NO IT IS NOT

44Magnum can go from mild to wild even with book loads if you are a handloader, generating 500 to 1500 foot ponds of energy safely. 10MM tops at 750 foot pounds safely.


Range of 10MM Foot Pound Chart

What most are not understanding, yes you are getting 41 and 44 Magnum foot pound like energies but it is truly the lower end of what those calibers are capable of. 

So What Can The 10MM Do?

In the circles of these comparisons you often hear Bear or Bear Country discussed. I am not sure where the majority of the 10MM fan club resides but I am not in that part of the country where I will run into a bear. Which often leads me to thinking someone must be preparing for a hunt in bear country. In either of these scenarios I always advocate practice with what you are most proficient with. For me that regimen means practicing with the premium ammo that I plan to carry with. This allows me to have maximum confidence in my complete outfit, ammo, revolver or pistol. This is where 10MM begins to shine. At current prices premium 44Magnum ammo with the Xtreme Penetrator freedom pill is $65 a box of 20. 10MM Ammo from the same company with the Xtreme Penetrator is $38 a box of 20.

Can you use cheaper practice ammo sure you can but I want to make sure I am as proficient as I can be with what I carry when my life is dependent upon it. Not to mention you are most likely to practice with something that is cheaper and easier to shoot. Full 44Magnum energy in a packable package is not fun to truly practice with over hundreds of rounds.

Other 10MM Benefits

  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Higher Magazine Capacity
  • Easier to Master
  • Less Painful to Shoot

I know some will argue reloading assist with the cost and this is true. But even I, after reloading for 30 years will not carry my own loads in this bear type of situation. Can I load them to a velocity to replicate like energy for practice sure I can.

Reloading 10MM

Do you have to color outside the lines, go over reloading manual recommendations to achieve some of the same performance that the premium 10MM manufacturers do like Buffalo Bore?

Simply answered NO YOU DO NOT. There are a few critical things I feel you must know when reloading for 10MM. This cartridge at it’s origins is already high pressure round. First get yourself the right components 180gr to 200gr are my go to loads in 10MM for anything.

Yes there are 220gr rounds being produced but I have seen too many failure to feed in many different pistols. Many are going to blame the pistol but my experience says differently as cartridge overall length is probably the most important function to feeding. It is most important to safety as well because reducing case volume increases pressure. Now if you plan to carry a revolver and want the 220gr loads ROCK ON they are absolutely capable. Though I would recommend getting a Sheridan Engineering 10MM case gauge. These gauges are cut to replicate minimal chamber specifications. If your round will fit in this gauge it will work in your well maintained pistol or revolver.

If you truly are after four legged critter protection in your own handloads lean towards powder that burns on the slower side. BE-86, BlueDot, Accurate #9, CFE Pistol and Power Pistol all fit this application. Trying to achieve maximum velocity with faster burning powders will surely cause a mishap. If you want to use W231, Titegroup and other faster burning powders for range fodder please keep them on the lower end of the powder charges. Again you must pay very close attention to the cartridge overall length. Loading with these faster burning powders and shortening the overall length is a recipe for disaster due to the initial spike in pressure when ignited. For the reloader you can measure the case web before the shot is fired and after to see the difference, expansion in the case.

If you would like a deeper view of factory ammo and handloads that have been chronographed for Dayattherange visit the 10MM Loading Depot

This data is not intended to replace the appropriate reloading manuals data and should not be used without verifying and double checking the loads between two different official published reference points — IE reloading manuals. If you elect to utilize any of this data it is at your own risk, you take full ownership and responsibility for your ammunition.


The 10MM Offers So Much

The 10MM has so much to offer and it is great bear defense medicine. In a semi-auto it gives you more capacity/chances to hit a charging bear. This is a highly stressful situation where one is most likely to miss. 10MM in semi-auto I find easier and faster to deploy out of a holster and if you have that opportunity easier to reload if needed. 

10MM with factory or handloading can be used in a wide range of scenarios. With the right components can remain safe with book loads or what most of us reloaders call watered down lawyer loads. Though there are some reloading manuals out there that will give you true 10MM loads with slower powders. Like the one I used in the making of this video.

In this video I attempt to see if my own safe handloads could generate the same type of performance as Buffalo Bore 180gr. I do not know of anyone well educated about these rounds that would debate their capability in any situation. 



Statistics From The Video

Ballistic Gel Penetration — Buffalo Bore 16inches — Handloads 15inches

Weight Retention — Buffalo Bore retained 82% of it’s weight after being fired thru the gel. My cast handload didn’t do was well in this category only retaining 48% of it’s weight. Keep in mind Hornady 180gr XTP used by Buffalo Bore is also available to reloaders.

Reloading Recipe

This data is not intended to replace the appropriate reloading manuals data and should not be used without verifying and double checking the loads between two different official published reference points — IE reloading manuals. If you elect to utilize any of this data it is at your own risk, you take full ownership and responsibility for your ammunition.

Power Pistol 8.6grains, 180gr Cast Hollow Point, Cartridge Overall Length 1.210, Large Pistol Primer

Most important please work up your loads from the low end. Remember I have 30 years of experience reloading my own. I didn’t just load these rounds and go out to the range. I worked these up from the start loads in the manuals. Even if I were to change to the Hornady XTP for this load I would start the process all over again. Starting at the low end and working my way back up to maintain complete safety over anything else.

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2 Comments on "10MM Safety Announcement"

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  1. WADE LANDECHE says:

    Awesome work and data to support the findings!
    Thanks for sharing…
    Long live the Best Millimeter…10mm

  2. Mike (crkckr) Carbonniere says:

    Good comments on the Best Millimeter! I’ve been reloading a long, long time (just over 50 years now) and feel I have a fairly decent grasp of the process by now. Normally, I load my own self defense ammo because I can control every aspect, leading to 100% reliability. I take extreme precautions when loading at the top end of any cartridge, self defense or otherwise. Top end loads are where most guns get hurt when the loader screws up!

    My EDC is 10mm and I carry Underwood loading of the Lehigh Xtreme Defender bullet. Now why would I carry factory ammo when I *know* I can do a better job loading them? Not due to lawyer fears but the sad truth is, I cannot match Underwood’s velocities in any caliber I carry! The fact is, they have access to powders we peon loaders simply cannot buy! So they can exceed my maximum loads by nearly 200 fps! Now that’s using sane loads, using the same weight bullets Underwood uses, in my case the 100 and 115gr. Xtreme Defender’s. I’ve tested these bullets and believe they are the best bullets money can buy.

    So I agree with the premise of your article, going over book loads is not a good thing! It is, at the least, hard on your pistol and at best, downright unsafe! While I’m guilty of pushing things to the max, going beyond the max in the manuals (note the “s” – never load max loads from a single manual!) is pushing your luck! Ok, I’m not talking about going 0.1 gr over the max. But when people start talking about going 2 or even 5 grains over? That is too much, unless you have access to pressure testing equipment! It’s probably still too much but manufacturers do tend to be a bit on the conservative side. Still, trying to make up 200 fps? Not a chance! Something or someone is gonna get hurt! Don’t do it!

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