Kimber Camp Guard — Buffalo Bore 155gr Tactical Low Recoil

Kimber Camp Guard — Buffalo Bore 155gr Tactical Low Recoil

Is 10MM to much for Urban Carry (CCW)?

Recently I have been in debates about 10MM as personal protection. Unfortunately I seem to be the only one that thinks it is safe to carry 10MM for protection against 2 legged predators.

There were three statements that continued to surface in these discussions, from those that vehemently disagreed with me on 10MM urban carry.

1) The 10MM over penetrates and not safe in urban environments, it should only be used back woods country against bears.
2) The 10MM has to much recoil for quick follow up shots. (that’s why the FBI got rid of it)
3) Factory 10MM is nothing but watered down 40S&W (short and weak) why would I fight the brutal recoil of the 10MM for velocities I can achieve with the 40S&W.

Now most of these debates were with people I do not believe have that great of experience with the 10MM, no disrespect intended. To increase their knowledge I pointed them over to the 10MM Loading Depot at? I have tested and documented many of my own and factory loads.

This evaluation will be added to that data for future tracking. This ammunition exceeded my expectations especially with recoil. For the speed achieved I expected recoil to be much harsher, but it was not. Maybe there will be a video #2 that test this ammunition with the shot timer. My only concern is penetration. This projectile did fully expand but penetrated 19 inches of clear ballistics gel.

12 to 18 inches of penetration in clear ballistics gel without denim is my lens of perfect penetrating depth for self defense ammunition.

The TAC XP retained all of it’s weight after firing.


What do you think?

Does Buffalo Bore put a stop to this debate once and for all?

Leave your comment and socialize the video so we can get as many view points as possible.