10MM Loading Depot

10MM One of my Favorites

The 10MM is one of my favorite cartridges. I am forever grateful to the likes of Jeff Cooper, Tom Dornaus and Mike Dixon without these gentlemen the 10MM would not be in existence today. As odd as it may seem the 10MM’s power was almost the cause of it’s demise. Most interested in the 10MM know the history of being developed for the FBI but yet they found it hard to qualify with. There is plenty of information out there about this, a quick google search would return plenty of information on the history of the great 10MM. Because of the 10’s power it was quickly neutered and gave birth to the 40S&W.

Here as of late (2018) the 10MM has seen a large resurgence with manufacturers coming out with new pistols yearly in support of this cartridge.

  • No this is not my collection I am blessed to have great friends who trust me with their pistols.

Factory 10MM Ammunition – 10MM Has Made a Comback

10MM on the shelf at my local big box store

We are also blessed to live in a time where ammunition manufacturers are producing more 10MM ammo and leveraging technology to improve upon bullet design. Is it possible to make 10MM even more potent than Norma and it’s founding fathers intended? Are 10MM fans finally getting the respect and support they deserve?

The 10MM is capable of doing equal to or more than the 357Magnum in a semi auto pistol with greater round count and approaches the capability of the 41Magnum. Though all 10MM auto pistols are not the same in regards to strength or shall I say barrel chamber support. This can be very dangerous if you experience a case rupture just forward of the case web/head with high pressures as it will force hot gasses out through the magazine well. Many believe this is a non issue but I am here to tell you this is a real concern especially for reloaders. The maximum SAAMI spec for 10MM is 37,500psi and most ammunition manufacturers will be 5 to 15% below maximum pressure, this would be safe in any pistol today. Some 10MM fans will often comment why shoot 40S&W loads in a 10MM?

Reloading Journey

Being a reloader I set out to develop my own loads that run the full spectrum — plinking, target and full power 10MM loads. To serve many different purposes, training, range fun, hunting and self defense. I decided I would use the Colt Delta Elite XE model for this testing as it proved to be the pistol with the least amount of chamber support.

Therefore developing loads that would be safe in my Colt Delta Elite should prove to be safe in most other pistols and avoid the dreaded case bulge. This in no way is a bashing of the Colt Delta Elite, as a matter of fact had the Colt Delta Elite not been produced after the Bren Ten met it’s demise due to bankruptcy the 10MM would probably not be around. In my own view Colt with it’s Delta Elite is the savior of the 10MM providing us with enjoyment many years later.

Today September 9, 2018 I have decided to release my load data for others to enjoy. All data due to variances of reloading components and pistols the rounds would be fired in should start 10% below my published data. This data is not intended to replace the appropriate reloading manuals data and should not be used without verifying and double checking the loads between two different official published reference points — IE reloading manuals. If you elect to utilize any of this data it is at your own risk, you take full ownership and responsibility for your ammunition.

Practice safe reloading and keep them all on target. Check back often as I will continue to develop and test factory loads across the chronograph.

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10MM Chamber Support New Comers

New Aged 10MM Can Polymer Stand The “10MM HEAT”

I really love the best millimeter the 10MM and love seeing it’s resurgence in popularity. I believe it has it’s place and that’s in steel frame pistols or revolvers. Ok Glock lovers this is where you chime in, I am aware of the Glock20 and Glock29. Recently S&W and Springfield Armory came out with their polymer wonders in 10MM. Right out of the gate many guntubers started to report of their teething issues.

Of course with my curiosity I wanted to see for myself and decided to conduct a reliability test with many different brands of ammunition. Can these polymer pistols change my mind about the relationship between good cold steel and 10MM? Let’s see