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I finally got to the range with my new 10mm Dan Wesson Classic Bobtail today. I was so busy with the my new puppy (our pug, Mabel) that I was not sure I was going to ever get to the range. I managed to run all 100 rounds that I had bought through it in the small amount of time I had. I would have loved to shot a little more but time was limited and 10mm and .45acp rounds are not cheap (I also put 50 rounds through my .45acp Colt Commander and will be posting a comparison of the two guns soon).


It is a 1911 so everyone is familiar with the form of this gun. It is a true classic and always looks good. The only real twist is the bobtail design and I must say I am a big fan of this particular variation. It not only gives the gun a different look but it makes it more comfortable in my hand.

The gun is a 4.25″ Commander sized 1911 which weighs in at 34 ounces unloaded. This size and weight combined with the bobtail feature make this gun a very nice carry piece.

The slide and frame are both forged from stainless steel. Some of the technical specifications are as follows…

Overall length: 8″
Overall height: 5.5″
Overall width: 1.5″
Magazine capacity: 8 rounds
Rate of twist: 1:16″


1911’s are pretty standard features wise but this one does come stock with a few nice upgrades. These include…

? 3 dot tritium night sights
? memory grove grip safety
? upgraded trigger
? extended mag release and thumb safety
? textured front strap
? match grade barrel, bushing, and sear
? tuned, machined internal extractor
??20 LPI checkered front strap
? coco-bolo diamond checkered grips

The absence of MIM parts is not such a bad thing either. I am not a MIM basher, but them not being there is never a negative in my book. In fact, this gun uses high quality name brand parts in pretty much every department. The name “Ed Brown” appears more than a few times on this firearm..


One word sums it up…SUPERB! I have some very well made guns but the attention to detail on this gun is truly amazing. It is evidence that a production gun can have custom gun quality. Every tolerance is perfection. The fit is done to a degree that no variance can be seen in any of the seems and no slop movement can be felt. Yet the gun’s slide still cycles as if it is on greased rollers. The surface finishes are also amazing. There is not a single ripple in the polished steel or blemish on the flats. You would swear you are holding a top end custom gun.

When you first remove this gun from it’s box, you are immediately struck by the simple beauty of the firearm. It is an elegant example of what a 1911 should look like. The simple lines and surfaces finishes (that border on perfection) make this gun really stand out in a crowd. The lack of “billboarding” on this gun is a welcome sight. The slide is not cluttered with logos or model names.



One again, one word…flawless. There was not a single hiccup from this gun. I even tried limp wristing it and it did not even slow down. All rounds fed perfectly and I never experienced a single failure to feed, failure to fire, or failure to eject.

Accuracy wise this gun is so far above me it is not funny. At 10 yards I was making 2″-3″ groups with ease shooting off hand. The gun also points very well from the hip. When we placed it in the gun vise my friend shot a 5 round group that could be covered up with a quarter at 25 yards.

The gun was also very manageable recoil wise. I had already become very fond of the stout 10mm round in my Glock 29 and it really shines in this gun. It is a good stout push but it is no harder to manage than the .45acp in the same platform. I think it even had a little less barrel flip.

One feature of the gun is that it draws a lot of attention. You get asked “what custom builder is that?” a few times at the range.


I kind of wish it had an ambi-safety but that is not a big deal. Otherwise this gun is pretty much perfect.


This gun is amazing. It looks amazing and it performs amazingly. As I sad before, it is like holding a custom made firearm in your hand. The only differences I notice between this gun and a custom one are price and the lack of the personalization option.

As for the bobtail feature, I know it is mainly designed to increase concealability but it sure does make the gun more comfortable to hold as well. I am not sure it will help with concealment since I seem to get more printing from the hammer area and not the bottom of the grip frame but the difference it makes in the palm of my hand is hard to believe. That little extra inward curve at the bottom makes it fit my hand so much better.

This is a gun I would recommend to anyone that wants a custom built feel but does not want a custom built price tag. This in definitely an A+ firearm worthy of the attention of even the most tried and true 1911 aficionado.

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  1. j anderson says:

    What would be a reasonable purchase price for this gun? (CZ 1911 bobtail classic 10 mm) My local shop is asking $1000 (after negotiation)
    Thank you 2/2011

  2. Angelo says:

    @ J anderson $1000 is a steal even if its used I just gone mine in .45 acp and the price went up sinificantly, it now price at $1500 for the 2010 model, it has some uprgrades compared to the previous models, all I can say is if they still have it buy it, you dont happen to have the name of the gun store?

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