10MM Chamber Support Part3: Buffalo Bore 180gr

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Cartridge is from Ammo Manufacture: Buffalo Bore 180gr JHP (Data was provided by Mr.Revolverguy 12/2019)
Ballistics Information: 10mm Auto
Muzzle Velocity: 1324 fps Verified with Chronograph
Muzzle Energy: 700 ft. lbs
Brass Make/Headstamp: Starline – Brass
Bullet Make/Weight/Construction/Info; Length 0.619?/Dia. 0.4000?: Hornady XTP 180gr. JHP
HP depth 0.106? / HP dia 0.168??
Actual weight: 180.2 grains?
C.O.A.L.: 1.251 Measured 10 rounds all very consistent
Primer: Large Pistol Silver color
Case: Crimp Diameter 0.421? Middle Diameter 0.419? Base/Web: Before the extractor groove 0.421″?
Powder Description/Positive ID/Type/Charge Weight: Alliant Power Pistol 9.6 grains

?Danger? Do Not try to replicate this load it may cause destruction or bodily harm?

One of the viewers made a suggestion that I should fire 1 round a piece in each pistol and measure the brass. At first I thought wow that is a lot of work but my dedication to the viewers proved to be what I needed to get this done.

Don’t forget to visit the largest 10MM Balistics Database on the Internet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Fyj-rKIvGOvm4huvb35GaGMlyKhddtUDQhFi9VGrwLk/edit?usp=sharing

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  1. The Shadow says:

    When I tested these Buffalo Bore 180 gr. JHPs in my 10mm S&W1006 5″ got 1349 fps. I run a 22 lbs recoil spring and the chamber is 0.4280″ June 8, 2013
    Case expanded to 0.4275″, primer slightly flattened.

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