10mm and 357 Magnum — Hiking Trail Protection

| April 8, 2020 | 3 Comments

This really is a test of my own personal ability to shoot 357Magnum and 10mm of essentially the same power factor. It is a rather simple test of how accurate can I be with either loaded to 1250fps.

I was much more accurate with the 10mm over the 357Magnum at 15 yards and fast follow up shots.

With all things being equal which would you rather have 357magnum or 10mm and why?

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3 Comments on "10mm and 357 Magnum — Hiking Trail Protection"

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  1. No Grizzlies in my area, but we do have Blackies, and lots of large Coyotes. I carry my Ruger GP-161 (a blued GP-100 with a 6 inch full lug barrel) with Federal 158 grain jacketed soft points. 6 in the cylinder and 2 full HKS speed loaders in a Bianchi carrier. The pistol is carried in a Bianchi thumb-break holster, riding on a separate American Wilderness 1.75″ tactical style belt. Carried openly and very comfortable.

  2. BigE says:

    I’ll take my 357 because both will be N-Frames and my 357 holds 8!

  3. David M. Bolender says:

    With all things being equal (and they’re not), the 10mm with 180gr to 200gr JHPs will take care of you.

    The .357 Magnum is a fine round. But the 10mm is better. You can do an internet search concerning the ballistic comparisons, and the 10mm is clearly the better of the two rounds.

    Loaded to its full potential, the 10mm comes close to .41 Magnum performance. Numbers-wise, a Glock 20 loaded with 15 rounds of hot 10mm is a sh*tstorm … the Danes use it as their sidearm against polar bears.

    Again, the .357 is a great loading, but IMO a little outdated. Some of the oldtimers will swear by it. And that’s cool. But for me, in the 21st century, it’s the 10mm all day long.

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