🎇Taurus M44 1000 Round Range Review: Zombie Preparedness🎇Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

| July 17, 2022 | 2 Comments

Story Time

When I got this revolver some 16 years ago I purchased a Taurus M44 revolver. It was very affordable and I have this thing of cheering for the under dog I also have a bit of OCD. The OCD does me well in the safety of reloading and tracking data, even in my log book I have the receipts of the firearms stapled to the round count pages. In all honesty I did not realize I was this close to 1000 rounds through the Taurus M44 until I took it out to clean it one day.

I typically clean my revolvers prior to being put away in the safe but for some reason this one was not clean and I could not remember the last time it was at the range. That’s where the log book comes in, a quick glance and I realize I am only a few cylinders away from 1000 rounds. Had I listened to the internet back then when this thing was purchased it never would have made it past 500 rounds without blowing up in my hand and severing some fingers. Taurus has been thru many changes as a company and yes there is no denying they have had some quality issues, though I do believe they have worked very hard to turn this around. Taurus’s new CEO on his first day two years ago announced he would fix their customer service. It is great to know you have a dependable company that stands behind their product but it is even better to not have to use them and I have not with this 44 and hope to never have to.

A good friend of mine sent me some 260gr Zombie green cast and coated freedom pills, Ford Blue Freedom Pills along with some 275gr Fury soft point jacketed and what better way to surpass this 1000 round barrier, than prepping for zombies.



Let’s chronograph these rounds loaded on top of IMR4227 and a Federal Gold Medal Match Large Pistol Magnum Primer.


Load Data

This load data proved to be safe in my revolver but may not be safe in yours and is not to be used. Using someone else’s load data is very dangerous especially with high pressure loads of the 44magnum. With the length of the Fury bullets this is a compressed load which adds to the complexity. Again these loads are dangerous. The 275 Fury’s have no crimp groove and was proving to slide forward after 5 rounds fired. This is known as crimp jump, this phenomena can and if severe enough will lock up your revolver.  This data is only provided for reference material.

275Gr Fury Reference Date

260Gr Zombie Green Cast & 260gr Ford Blue


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2 Comments on "🎇Taurus M44 1000 Round Range Review: Zombie Preparedness🎇Things That Make You Go Hmmmm"

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  1. Jay Oktobre says:

    Excellent overview. Thanks for sharing your data. These are solid revolvers and a great choice for a woods gun for bear protection

  2. Paul says:

    Great video on the M44 Taurus. I just purchased a brand new one before Memorial day for $503.00! Hope your Memorial day was good, and thank you for your service! I bought mine before memorial day and it arrived at my FFL the day after. Its my 1st revolver after many years of semi autos of many different calibers etc. I also reload and bought 44 brass and dies a year before buying the 44 Taurus. I am a huge tinkerer and mechanical kind so I purchased the Wolf reduced power spring kit and the Hougue grip that is a bit more filling and comfortable for most guys. They say it takes about 4lbs off the heavy trigger pull but is still a very safe trigger so why not I figure. I’m starting my revolver journey at last.

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