đź’ĄCimarron BadBoy 44Magnum: Dayattherange Giveawayđź’Ą

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The first person to come closest (within half of an inch) of guessing the depth of penetration for each of these 44Magnum loads. Will be sent (100 count) 1 box of 44 Magnum 180gr XTP Freedom Pills.

Your comment must be submitted in the comment section of this video on youtube before the posting of the main giveaway video. When that video is posted comments will be turned off for this video.

I did not give the powder on purpose for safety reason plus it adds a bit of fun and mystery. These loads have been loaded by me for a very long time and proven to be safe in many revolvers.

Let’s have some fun out there. How many of you expert ballisticians can get it right, you better be first.

A Proper submissions looks like this

1) HornadyXTP 180gr –guess in inches

2) Speer Golddot 200gr — guess in inches

3) HornadyXTP 200gr — guess in inches

4) Sierra 210gr — guess in inches

5) HornadyXTP240gr — guess in inches

6) Factory 210gr Speer — guess in inches


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